How FIRST solves the General Searching Problem
The Ranking High metaphor

For each keyword lookup we may get a giant, deformed and degenerated icebergs showing privileged information on top but practically hidden from view thousands to millions of documents. The rank is generally pumped up via popularity algorithms in a process that resembles Marketing. To go up you have three ways/techniques at hand, namely:
  • To study carefully the ranking process and trying to adapt your Website to it thinking only in optimizing your ranking: choosing a strategic set of keywords, putting them in “visible” and strategic places for search engines agents and robots, making a fast, regular, continuous and intelligent Website submission to search engines and directories. Regarding the strategic set of keywords it is of fundamental importance to consider the knowledge of curricula and standards, i.e. the right subjects and the right keywords. For instance, if you are looking for scripts to solve a problem you must know how to express it in the ICT “establishment”. If we were looking for a script to increase or extend the ability of Windows to manage multiple words selection when browsing the Web. The “right word” would be Clipboard Management. You may try to look for some equivalent keywords, like Multiple Mouse Selection, Multiple Caption, Multiple Selection, adding Web, Internet Explorer, Scripts, etc, etc, to see the abysmal difference.
  • To either create real or pseudo popularity. You may create your own Web Ring, interchanging links and making an agreement of strategic use of a given set of keywords in order to increase a collective higher popularity. By “de facto” , the big authorities, like for instance the ACM, have their own Web Ring. ACM launched its 2001 Curricula and it was instantly adopted by most American universities, colleges, professional institutions, and e-businesses as a monolithic whole. The system feedbacks increasing the popularity concerning the discipline lead by the ACM and leaving aside, “hidden” in the submerged part of the iceberg, the documents that are not using the terms “properly”. In the figure such a Web Ring is depicted.
  • Acting wickedly, improperly, trying to deliberately deceive search engines and robots. We are not going to extend about this way, extensively advertised in the Web by thousands of companies specialized in at_any_cost Web high ranking.

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