The Web as a Global Market
How Virtual Markets emulate Real Markets
MM Process, Two Ways of Thinking/Speaking

Each Website needs an Expert System to manage its learning and evolution and a draft of it is depicted in the figure below. Intag has developed FIRST, Full Information Retrieval System Thesaurus, an Expert System specially designed either to maintain HKM’s, Human Knowledge Maps continuously updated in order to satisfy their users curiosity or to optimize and tune up match making interfaces in Portals, B2C, B2B and Virtual Communities Websites. The figure drafts the architecture of an HKM clone, able to satisfy its users’ curiosity in only one click of the mouse. Something like a YGWYW, You Get What You Want, in terms of knowledge, making queries to a map. In this case users query the HKM database via keywords. When they look for an existent keyword, that is a keyword existent in the system Thesaurus (TH), we talk of a “match” condition. FIRST delivers i-URL’s, objects of the map that will allegedly satisfy the query.

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