Advanced Uses of FIRST
Tree Example: The ICT Tree
Note: See our White paper about ICT Tree and ACM and UNESCO/IFIP Curricula

You may see in the figure below the whole ICT tree with its 32 baskets. The shadow zone makes reference to the fuzziness/ambiguity mentioned above between the inheritances versus non-inheritance criteria, as a function of the documents availability. Let’s take a look to path

NC => NC3 => Public key.

Where NC stands for Net Centric Computing.

For NC, level 1, basket 7 of ACM 2001 Curricula, we are going to select at least three authorities, taking care that their selected keywords belong “specifically” to that level, neither to the upper not to the lower,. The same criteria will apply to NC3 and to Public Key documents. When users look for keywords that belong to level 1 (basket) our site will present to him/her only documents at that level (NC). It will happen similar for queries involving keywords at second level (NC3) and third level (Public key).

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