How FIRST solves the General Searching Problem
Web Growth

Web site volume grows at an incredible pace, perhaps faster than our ability to manage it. Now we have more than 3,500 millions of documents (see footnote) doubling each year. In the figure we have depicted size evolution highlighting the density of noise and fuzziness in a crazy rally of the universe of “owners” trying to transcend and to captivate as many users as law, moral and ethics permit. Of course there is a sign of democracy and good social health in the fact that owners say and offer to the world what they want, but we go a little farther, thinking that it would be advisable that each person become user and owner at the same time in two complementary roles. And we need too powerful search engines able to register each existent page, by will or generated automatically on_the_fly. However we must be aware also that the Basic Human Knowledge, Basic HK, is practically an invariant in size along time, as long as it evolves accordingly along time, as it’s depicted in the image below in blue.

Note: on 20th February 2003 Google declares 3,083,324,652 web pages

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