The Web as a Global Market
FIRST, an Expert System Solution

The logic of the Website is represented by the LT, Logical Tree, which tells us about the Website owners’ structure of thinking to attract users. As we may see later extensively, LT’s are trees of “subjects” for each major discipline of the Human Knowledge. Subjects have some subtle differences with keywords. Effectively all subjects are special keywords but most keywords are not subjects. Users think in terms of keywords and Website owners in terms of subjects. However some keywords or strings of keywords could evolve becoming new subjects as a function of their popularity.

Finally, the Curiosity Offer, on the Website side, is complemented with the Up & Downs database where the objects’ content evolution is registered.

Now let’s see the users’ side. The users’ interactions, queries, links selected, i-URL’s seen and selected, URL’s clicked and all possible navigation instances are registered in the Tracking database, formally the Users’ Tracking database. The process here splits in two separate ways, the “pattern behavior” analysis and the “navigation habits” analysis.

By “pattern behavior” we understand “what” people “want”, expressed as strings of keywords and/or links selected. From the apparent chaos of questions we have to infer patterns. As an aid to that purpose we create a transient and growing Thesaurus, named “nk-Thesaurus”. An nk-Thesaurus or Thesaurus of order k is a collection of n keyword strings used along a users session. We imagine that users face the virtual “oracle” making queries by heart as seen by an external observer, trying to “beat” the oracle as in a game, shooting one keyword after the other until their problem is solved satisfactorily. It’s like a chasing game where users try to reduce their uncertainty level from 0 to 1. In this game the optimum track is meaningless, being important the speed to win and even the excitement of the game. We may for instance get the same result with a wide variety of strategies and for each strategy a wide variety of tactics.

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