The Web as a Global Market
How FIRST emulates the General Shopping Centers

A real Shopping Center could be idealized by a huge store with room where objects are displayed (Offered) with their prices and sometimes with boards and brochures describing their features. The people is invited to wander about under the supervision of sales people to guide them with advice, warnings about special opportunities, making subtle suggestions, etc. The customer’s tour is guided by information desks and all kinds of boards, signals and voice messages.

The Real 3D Go Shopping Process: we depict here two polar types of users. User, as green, that wanders by all the rooms of the front-end, and in this case without buying anything. The other polar type, light gray, user goes directly to ask for help in the Customer Service Desktop and from that he/she goes directly to buy in rooms R7 and R5 before leaving. Customer may also use “shopping carts” where to keep their choices at hand.

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