How FIRST solves the General Searching Problem
Text-Context Search

Any query could be seen as a pair (k, s) keyword, subject, being s the context, domain or discipline, where k belongs. In many cases k and s interchange roles, that is: s could be seen as text and conversely k as context like the Ying- Yang of the Taoist Monad. So, in all cases we may focus our search improving our knowledge (from ignorance to certainty) from text to context and in reverse sense from context to text.

Let’s see this with an example that we use in our search tutorial. Let the challenge be to search documents dealing with

how seven major religions deal with the concept of “Son of God”.

“Son of God” could be the text and “religions of the world” the context. In this particular case the user’s “curiosity”, a High School student, told us about seven major religions, perhaps because his/her teacher had in mind some book, bibliography or essays dealing with that particular subject. We may devise here two main straightforward strategies: to look for “Son of God” first and then focus our search by adding religions, and the other, to start looking for religions, select some documents that talk about major religions and then search for each of those religions how they consider the “Son of God” concept.

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