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Darwin stands for Distributed Agents to Retrieve the Web Intelligence, a concept and trademark belonging to Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp. In essence is a network of Intelligent Websites o i-Websites, where its nodes are managed by FIRST, Expert Systems also created by Intag to solve the General Match Making process in the Web between Websites and their users. FIRST stands for Full Information Retrieval System Thesaurus, because it works centered on Thesaurus concept as expressed in Merriam - Webster Dictionary:

2a: a book of words or of information about a particular field or set of concepts; especially : a book of words and their synonyms;
b: a list of subject headings or descriptors usually with a cross-reference system for use in the organization of a collection of documents for reference and retrieval

In FIRST we make distinction between Website Thesaurus that follows that description and Users’ Jargon Thesaurus closely related to the market served by each Darwin node.

Each Darwin node is managed by FIRST through a Desktop operated by a Chief Editor, in theory, the only human enabled to “speak” and Command FIRST. FIRST was built to maintain and upgrade the Website content and even to gradually change its structure autonomously. However this autonomy is checked from time to time by the Chief Editor. FIRST may also detect and classify users’ behavior patterns allowing that i-Website owners know continuously and in real time what users want and their degree of satisfaction. Each node could work either independently or cooperatively with different offers or having clones of a unique offer, evolving differently as driven by their respective markets.

Darwin nets could work with or without a super Chief Editor ruling the whole net, through the same Desktop. We invite you to proceed the tour in order to fully understand the meaning of Darwin Nets, i-Websites, FIRST, FIRST Methodology, Human Knowledge Maps, and the Web space as the realm of Intelligence interchange between humans.