Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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The tamed Web
Darwin Project Presentation
Elevator Brief as of February 23rd 2009

The American R&D firm Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp in a joint effort with the Caece University from Argentina has developed a semantic methodology to map at its deepest thematic detail all Web pages. This mapping will enable Search Engines to offer next generation YGWYN-OOC, You Get What You Need - Only One Click services to their users meaning a direct access to what they need, namely the best pages, in only one click. Users are guided as if they were serviced by a smart librarian, in fact an AI, Artificial Intelligent agent that mastering the Web mapping and thru a friendly and convergent dialog aid them to edit the best queries that resembling magic keys open the Pandora Box of the Human Knowledge.
The Web is actually so universal and meaningful that we could dare to say that it keeps alive the best sample of the Human Knowledge and also the hugest reservoir of Human Opinions about everything imaginable and always updated besides This Web mapping by far supersedes all known Encyclopedias. As it has the size of a few gigabytes it could be also implemented in PC's and even in telephone mobile units!.
The methodology is named Darwin that stands for Distributed Agents to Retrieve the Web Intelligence and it has been tested along two prototypes. The first one built in year 2003 mapped Computing via agents but under steps of human management, judgment and supervision. The second prototype was ended in August 2008 and mapped WORLD ART, this time agents working almost without human supervision and with "zero knowledge" meaning that agents were never settled/trained about art!. Now is in its beta test but it may be fully inspected on demand.
As any art expert may attest this art map supersedes all existent edited by humans. As agents do not invent anything, they only unveil and classify preexistent meanings in the Web, and guided by Darwin Ontology review more than 1,000 million pages dealing somehow and somewhere with art it is conceivable that these agents could, at least "statistically", see more and better than humans. As playing chess agents now may beat human agents playing to semantic of large data reservoirs like the Web may also beat human.

Author: Darwin Team, The Foundational Darwin Team: Juan Chamero, Marcelo Behar, Nicolas Chamero, Alejandro Montmollin, Cristina Velez, Pablo Martin De Natale, Eduardo Daniel Ragusa, Sergio Alvarez Fernandez, Lucas Octavio Tinta, Hilda Chamero, Agustin Chamero, Hugo Sartor, Martin Lopez Ramos, Daniel Chamero, Juan Manuel Prat, Luis Perez, John O'Brien, Oscar Kalb. From: Argentina (9), USA (6), and Spain (3). .

Sponsors: Caece University from Argentina and Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp from US
Darwin Technology proprietary: Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp.
Principal Architect: Dr. Juan Chamero
Principal Architect Assistant: Marcelo S. Behar, Ph.D
Project Manager and World Marketing Director: Michael E. Stull, M.Sc.
Darwin Ontology: http://www.darwin-ontology.org
Darwin working Website: http://www.intag.org
Where to start reading: The Web as it is today, Darwin paradox

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