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Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Applications scope

I- i-Websites
1. Intelligent Networks

It deals with Distributed Network systems, with or without databases, with or without "back-end", with or without Users Behaviors' Pattern determination.

Market: Distribution Business, Editorials, Newspapers and Magazines, Customer Support and Maintenance Centers for big Corporations, Field Data Gathering, Research Companies, and any Corporation involved in Distributed Works at national, regional and world wide level.
2. i-Websites Creation

i-Website architecture implementation, taking into account the whole history of each resource and full follow up of their users interactions in all possible instances. These previsions are all pre-intelligence tasks necessary to generate the Match Making optimization, namely detection of unsatisfied demand, detection and evaluation of potential new market niches, automatic content procurement to satisfy the unsatisfied demand, and elimination of unsatisfied offer. All this Content Assets Management and Knowledge management could be performed in real time, and continuously.

Market: Same as above
3. Existing Websites optimization

It deals with Websites reengineering. Programmed and progressive non traumatic transformation from Websites to i-Websites

Market: Portals, B2C, B2B, and B2P, High Traffic Websites owners and administrators, Multiple Attractions sites, Editorials, Mass Media management.
4. Marketing Profiling

It deals with Websites Comparative and Absolute Market Research. Detection and evaluation of unsatisfied market and statistical estimations, taking into consideration leakages and losses due to language and jargon problems, inadequate offer presentation, lack of basic information needs, problems of sizing.

Market: Websites that economically justify this advanced research, either in terms of traffic or in terms of volume of operations.
5. Massive Virtual Offices Services, "My Office"

The actual conventional Virtual MyOffice offer, addressed to SB's, are too limited and relatively expensive. Darwin-FIRST architecture allows friendly, simple and low cost solutions.

Market: Professional Organizations, Chambers, County, State and National governments.
6. Web Autonomous Networks

Are networks that offer their users operative autonomy through MyPages. I-Web technology enhance this feature enabling users to define its own "universe of interest" surfing the Web from a personal and intelligent platform, via personalized intelligent agents.

Market: Big Portals, High Traffic Websites, Communication Media, etc. Intelligent Portals powered by Darwin-FIRST Expert Systems will provide their user a facilitating service like AOL today but improved because users autonomy is enhanced.
7. Intelligence added to Data Gathering Networks

Darwin-FIRST attached to a "Data Collection" system, like for instance a National Gas Distribution Service could starts its process from users' data collection units integrating a full cycle and intelligent system.

Market: Big Public Services Corporations
8. Integrated System Monitoring Systems

Continuous Monitoring of Integrated Systems, detecting, and classifying users, employees, and providers behavior patterns, as an aid and a complement of Accounting and Auditing.

Market: Big Corporations

II- Miscellanea
9. Security Systems and custom made Firewalls

10. Code Braking, Ciphering, and de-Ciphering, "White Hackering" tasks

11. Programs Library, Utilities, and Scripts Creation, custom made for big Corporations

12. Specialized Intelligent Agents' Family Creation: for instance, applied to exploration, sounding, cooperation, mediation, and negotiation tasks

13. Data Mining

14. Sophisticated and Complex Support and Maintenance Systems

15. Web surfing, Tactic and Strategic Searching Campaigns

Market: Information and behavior structures detection to answer specific requirements, as for example, a List of Websites that satisfy x% a given pattern over a universe X bound to search time limitations (for instance a week) concerning a given subject.

III- Content Generation
This is an ample market, difficult to imagine limited. Year 2003 starts the Internet Content Era. Once recovered of their "love to first sight" shock users begin to ponder Internet resources in its real dimension. Users want a little more than images, brief and impacting messages, and excellent designs, they look for valuable content.

Darwin-FIRST is at the same time a methodology and an Expert System that permits selective extraction of Web content. We may recognize that when something is not hosted/mentioned in the Web probably it doesn't exist, so the possibility to "see" and to extract any type of content out from Web space opens a new information field: Automatic Content Generation.

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