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Our ICT Thesaurus, which has more than 50,000 keywords, is bounded to Subjects of our ICT Logical Tree, and for that reason we use the same clickable Logical Tree map (see below)to massively locate them. When you make click over the Logical Tree Subjects our Thesaurus database will show you their keywords, Subject per Subject, alphabetically listed from A to Z. Now you may go to see our Keywords Acceptation facility.

Keywords Acceptation
Darwin-FIRST methodology has a query architecture based on pairs (k, s), keywords, subject, because the same keyword could be in more than one Subject within the same Major Subjects/Discipline. However, we may help you to find the right subject in order to reduce as much as possible your uncertainty. Instead of letting you browse our Thesaurus, Subject by Subject, we let you to inspect our content resources by keywords, either single or compound. Then GO to see the available pairs we have for you.

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Keywords' Affinities
Complementary information Darwin-FIRST provides to you will be the keywords' sets affinity. In Darwin-FIRST architecture, keywords are related to Subjects and search is implemented by pairs (k, s), keyword - Subject: the same keyword like for instance "parallel processing" could belong to more than one Subject with different meanings. In the figure below we depict a Subject versus Subject matrix. Row A intersects row B in the figure in a cell that has as its outcome the logical intersection of A versus B, that is keywords that belong to Subject A and to Subject B at the same time. When A=B, as it is shown in the figure, we are considering keywords that only belongs to A=B, defining sets of special "Core Keywords". These keywords play a very important role in Darwin-FIRST evolution process as you may see reading our White Papers collection.

Any cell of this matrix out of diagonal represents then shared keywords between two Subjects, being the diagonal the "Core Keywords" realm where Subjects intersects against themselves.

The Percentile Distribution for each set of keywords, represents, as the one depicted in the figure above, the Subject affinity with the Subject's universe of the map. We highlighted two slabs, one points to the Subject with the closest affinity to Subject A and the other to the A Core Keyword region.

The knowledge of this distribution is important for professional navigators and It will be extensively used by Darwin-FIRST to orient its whole content evolution.

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