Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Sorry!. You are not authorized to use this facility exclusively reserved for authorized members. However, the registration is open and free of charge and accordingly you're invited to join us!. Once registered you have assigned your own MyPage, a platform where from you may have full control over your search activities. Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed, no spamming, no intrusion, no unexpected and unauthorized surveys and polls, no email lists leakages, from our side.
Our site is an i-Website with full capability to "learn" from users like you, in terms of patterns behavior. Darwin-FIRST agents doesn't care about how you, and "John Smith" or "James Smart" navigate and query its content but about that you, John Smith, James Smart and one thousand more, as "anonymous entities", share some specific "patterns". For those types of eventual coincidences Darwin-FIRST will invite you as a registered member to join PAG's, Potential Affinities Groups where you may encounter with people that perhaps share your same profile of interest in terms of cognitive objects. Our aim is to provide our users an open assembly where they could spontaneously joint others spontaneously in terms of affinities. To deepen a little more about this feature we invite you to visit our FAQ and our Darwin-FIRST Guided Tour.

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o Search by documents
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PAG's, Potential Affinities Groups and Forum

Your own Intelligent Agents

Note: In a near future, when Darwin-FIRST accumulates enough experience about Content Procurement and Content Maintenance missions it will provide access to your personal agents facility via a Users' Desktop.

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