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You are invited to make the same search in a selected set of Premium Search Engines. For each of them you have three options: by keyword, by subject, and by the pair (keywords, subject) as you did it (or you are going to do it) in our map. This contrast has the only purpose of ponder differences. These conventional search engines are excellent and they perform their fundamental mission in the best way possible to help you to satisfy your information needs. However there is so much amount information in the Cyber space, nearly 4,000 million documents at this time, that searching specific information used to be a paramount task. For that reason we complement that massive world wide service with "Knowledge Maps" focused on substantial "Authorities" of the Web space previously selected by Agents and abstracted by a team of Human Experts.

Our target is to provide you good information in only one query. Our agents will continuously strive to learn more and more about your preferences and to improve the content quality of our map as well. For that reason we say that our content is evolutionary and practically free of maintenance. Because of its intelligent architecture our Darwin-FIRST solutions endows Websites with the capability of detecting their users' pattern behaviors. See Darwin-FIRST Tour.

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