Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

From time to time Darwin-FIRST will prompt at random a set of i-URL's and keywords that eventually have low demand. Perhaps they are rarely searched because ignorance of their existence and for that reason we intend to promote them before proceeding to their deletion.


Levels of Integration
Levels Of Integration Five ways you can integrate with the Eclipse Platform Author: Jim Amsden, OTI The types of problems web application developers face today require the use of a diverse set of tools that operate in many domains. In order to provide fl...
For Inventor of Eudora, Great Fame, No Fortune
For Inventor of Eudora, Great Fame, No Fortune Author: Jo Thomas At 34, Dorner has to his credit not only Eudora, but also PH, an E-mail and telephone directory program used by hundreds of universities and corporations all over the world. Working on...
E-Business Suite, integrated management for oracle
E-Business Suite Oracle E-Business Suite is a complete set of business applications that enables you to efficiently manage customer interactions, manufacture products, ship orders, collect payments and more - all from a business system that shares a sing...

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