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Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

From time to time Darwin-FIRST will prompt at random a set of i-URL's and keywords that eventually have low demand. Perhaps they are rarely searched because ignorance of their existence and for that reason we intend to promote them before proceeding to their deletion.


Taylor Series Methods for Rigid Body Simulation and Extensions to Lie Groups
Taylor Series Methods for Rigid Body Simulation and Extensions to Lie Groups Author: Samuel R. Buss This work covers the following topics: - Algorithms for simulating rotating rigid bodies - All algorithms preserve angular momentum - Algorithms can be m...
Web Wiz Guide - ASP FAQ
Web Wiz Guide - ASP FAQ ASP Frequently Asked Questions Many of the questions answered in this section are to help answer questions asked by people when they have trouble running the Free ASP Applications available from Web Wiz Guide. However, many...
W. Ross Ashby
W. Ross Ashby British psychiatrist, one of the brighter lights of the early days of cybernetics, who is extremely little known for all the quality of his work and all the eminent people he influenced --- Herbert Simon, Norbert Wiener, Miller, Galanter ...

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