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Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

Cognitive Objects "Bargains"

From time to time Darwin-FIRST will prompt at random a set of i-URL's and keywords that eventually have low demand. Perhaps they are rarely searched because ignorance of their existence and for that reason we intend to promote them before proceeding to their deletion.


Computing, algorithms, software, etc
Computing, algorithms, software, etc Author: Paul M. Mather This page offers computing-related links to online resources with information on several subjects: • Atmospheric correction • Canopy reflectance models • Data acquisi...
[8] What is color quantization
[8] What is color quantization? Many people don't have full-color (24 bit per pixel) display hardware. Inexpensive display hardware stores 8 bits per pixel, so it can display at most 256 distinct colors at a time. To display a full-color image, the comp...
The Electronic Community
The Electronic Community The Electronic Community site is a portal for NGOs, CSOs, nonprofits and individuals engaged in development work in less developed nations, with a particular emphasis on Africa. It is organized to stimulate discussion of import...

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