Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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New to Darwin-FIRST!?

Get Darwin-FIRST access to the World of i-Websites, a neologism which stands for "intelligent Websites" that from now on you are going to hear and use more and more!. Here you may find the first Darwin-FIRST Human Knowledge Map, focused to Information, Computing and Telecommunications, and White Papers, Tutorials, Faq's, Bibliography and Guided Tours to the World of the Web Intelligence.

This site is "users' and content oriented", and our FIRST Expert System will take care of you along your sessions to "learn" as musch as possible about your preferences and suggesting you friendly and free associations with people like you. Welcome to the Intelligence Era!.

  • Free access, free MyPage, and free Intelligence Services
  • Free 4MB storage to keep track of your sessions and the detail of your "speech" and navigations behaviour and skills, only for you, for your own learning and control!.
  • And many attractions to add fun to your navigation

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