Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Press Releases

Human Knowledge Maps
Darwin - FIRST i-Web Solutions, and
Darwin - FIRST Methodology
As of June 2006

Meanwhile our Darwin - FIRST methodology was announced almost five years ago in USA and in Spain, our first Human Knowledge Map prototype, for the ICT, Information, Computing and telecommunications discipline, was built in Argentina from November 2002 through July 2003. Its Version 1.0 - Clone 001 is now working and you may see it at i-Maps. From that time many efforts have been performed to extend the scope of its applications: Thematic Super Search Engines, Differential Data Mining, Catalog Harmonization, and "e-membranes" to optimize massive "men-machine" matchmaking. Prototypes like this that behaves resembling bio-membranes could be "cloned" and "plugged" in the nodes of any network working as "Darwin Nets", which stands for Distributed Agents to Retrieve the Web Intelligence.

FIRST methodology, which stands for Full Information Retrieval System Thesaurus, was announced on July 9th 2001 and broadcasted by the Spanish Agency EFE from Spain and published the same day by the Miami Herald in its Spanish version. A little further, on June 19th 2003, again from Miami, was distributed an interview that the same EFE Agency made to the Intag- Intelligence Agents Internet Corp CEO, Eng. Juan Chamero, that was at its turn diffused by the most important Spanish speaking media news. In July of the same year, FIRST was presented in the Polytechnic University of Madrid and in the Complutense University of Madrid.


Ciudad Internet – Clarin Tecnologia Home, from Argentina – July 17th
Cache Intag.org

Ciudad Internet – Clarin Tecnologia, from Argentina – July 17th
Cache Intag.org
Source (Ciudad Internet Archives)


Terra, Informatica, from Brazil – July 9th
Cache Intag.org


Radio Caracol, Ciencia y Salud, from Colombia, July 10th
Cache Intag.org


Terra, Educaterra, from Mexico – July 9th
Cache Intag.org

BBC of London, Science Home (Spanish Version) - July 11th
Cache Intag.org

BBC of London (Spanish Version) - July 11th
Cache Intag.org
Source (BBC Archives)

BBC of London, Science – July 11th
Audio - Cache of Intag.org, Download MP3 2,5MB


EFE, Spanish News Agency
Cache Intag.org

IBL News, Spain – USA – July 9th
Cache Intag.org

La Guia de los Contenidos, from Spain – July 10th
Cache Intag.org

Diario El Mundo, Navegante.com, from Spain, July 9th
Source (El Mundo Archives)

  • Miami Herald in Spanish, 10th May 2001
  • La Razσn from Spain, 19th June 2001
  • El Mundo from Spain, 19th June 2001
  • El ABC from Spain, 19th June 2001
  • CNN in Spanish, 20th June 2001
  • En La Web in Spanish, 20th June 2001

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