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Artificial Intelligence
Newsletter number 2, edition 35

Paradigma Series Introduction
By Juan Chamero - CEO Intag
You may read it at: Scipool.com, RedCientífica.com
And as PDF bilingual, English – Spanish in Intag.org

We propose a new Digitalized Knowledge paradigm that takes into consideration the People's intelligence as users of the Cyber space. If the discipline that actually handles the Human Knowledge is KM, Knowledge Management, our aim is to create the basement of an enhanced management system that handles (K + K') instead, where K corresponds to the actual formal established knowledge and K' corresponds to the up to now "informal" People's knowledge. We discuss in this document some conjectures to build a body doctrine that enables us to define symmetries in both cognitive domains, namely the Establishment Domain and the People's Domain, in order to facilitate the building of an enhanced and evolutionary Human intelligence.

As a first step an intelligence skeleton is proposed for the K side that enables us to see order in the huge reservoirs of Human Knowledge documents, as the triad: Logical Tree of the Human Knowledge, Thematic Thesaurus of the Human Knowledge, and documents. As a second step we try to define an equivalent and symmetric triad for the other side K'.

To check some conjectures we have built a Prototype that "prima facie" demonstrates that this new paradigm works well in the Web space performing the (K + K') logical addition process that involves a continuous equilibrium between K and K' enabling the transfer of intelligence from one domain to the other, and vice versa.

The Digitalized K Domain is well known but on the contrary K' Domain as depicted in this document is almost inexistent today; we only have people interacting against K, and now a set of conjectures under which (K + K') works. Under this new paradigm it's feasible the progressive creation of the K' triad, providing us a new way to enhance knowledge management. Examples of this enhancement will be: the build up of high resolution search engines with the capability to locate precisely almost everything hosted in the Establishment Domain in a few queries; to know as much as possible the people's behavior patterns, what they need and what they want; and at the same time to know as much as possible about the K' intelligence as a whole entity. Both sides interacting harmoniously could strive towards a human welfare optimum utopia.

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