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Information Retrieval
Newsletter number 1, edition 3

The Invisible Web: A Matter of Great Importance

 In the previous entry i wrote about the importance of the invisible web's information resources, and now i am explaining in more details about this important issue. now, why should we really care about it? the answer is simple if we consider some issues including the quality, accuracy, credibility and currency of information. so, it does matter because the issue of information quality in general. when you need highly authoritative information, real-time data, academic documents, research papers, or even recent news general search engines would not help you very much and you need some more tools to find your information needs. interestingly, most of these kinds of information resources are parts of the hidden territory of the web. in fact, although we have got enough problems to manage huge amounts of information sources on the visible web, it doesn't mean we don't need more trouble through looking information in the invisible web. it is a very important point that the quality and credibility ...
of information resources in the invisible web does matter for internet users. for instance, a considerable number of databases with web-based search interface make up a major part of the invisible web and their contents provide people with valuable information. therefore, if you ignore this part of the internet, you will lose a very precious part. what do you think?

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