Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

How are HKM’s created?
The first step is the creation of Major Subjects Curricula. From each Curricula structured as a Logical tree a special group of procurement agents, procurebots, are activated and tuned up for each Major Subject in order to retrieve from 30,000 to 60,000 Websites out of universe of 30 to 60 million from the Web via a set of predetermined Search Engines. From this focused subset, in a second step, a staff of human experts’, aided by a set of agents and utilities, pre selects from 2,000 to 3,000 URL’s among authorities and hubs. This subset is double checked by a closing program to assure its closeness and sufficiency, that is, it tentatively satisfies the whole Curricula from root to leaves with a reasonable redundancy.

In a third step, the first version of the Thesaurus for each discipline is created and strictly related to the Logical Tree.

In a fourth step, a staff of human experts proceeds to edit the map, basically i-URL’s headers and bodies. This is the only massive task performed by humans.

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