Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

How are cognitive objects organized?
Human Knowledge Maps and Catalogs
As we have seen, cognitive objects could be intelligent references, pointers to documents hosted in the Web. Could be also items of Catalogs hosted in specific Websites. These collections are generally organized as “Logical Trees”, from “roots” to “leaves” through ”branches”. When the cognitive objects are summaries of documents of Human Knowledge we talk of HKM, Human Knowledge Maps as long as they cover in their full extent the “Major Subjects” or “Disciplines of the Human Knowledge”. In this sense they are like geographical maps, historical maps and particularly resembling the Human Genome. Intag, the firm that created FIRST and its related Information Retrieval FIRST Methodology has found that it’s perfectly possible to build comprehensible Human Knowledge Maps encompassing from 150 to 200 Major Subjects. This is equivalent to the countries and/or regions of a geographical map. When talking about the “resolution” of the map we make reference to the degree of detail, for instance: one square inch ó one square mile. In our case of HKM’s, the resolution power depends of the type of users’ demand.

Preliminary research done by Intag determines that with 2,000 to 3,000 documents per Major Subject it is perfectly possible to cover most of general Internet users’ needs in terms of knowledge demand. We are talking of significant documents, authorities and hubs in the Web jargon, subordinated to subject specificity, with minimum redundancy, and covering worldwide recognized Major Subject Curricula. FIRST Information Retrieval Methodology builds these Curricula applying a Total Systems approach. A whole HKM will have nearly 500,000 i-URL’s pointing to an equal number of their corresponding Website documents, referenced with a General Thesaurus of nearly 5,000,000 keywords. This map is like a virtual Encyclopedia of nearly 10 million pages, cross referenced by a 5 million keywords Thesaurus, more than 1 million of hyperlinks and subordinated to a Logical Tree of nearly 150,000 subjects.

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