Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

How could i-Websites perform those tasks?
They become intelligent via FIRST, an Expert System which has built in an Information Retrieval Methodology and a set Intelligent Agents that belongs to Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp. The agents have specific missions assigned, namely procurebots, retrievebots, wellcomebots, coopbots, jargonsbots, etc. Procurebots have the mission of content procurement, to extract from the Web missing content; retrievebots, have the mission of retrieving obsolete and/or dead content; welcomebots, have the mission to welcome users and keep track of them along the whole sessions; coopbots, have the mission of strategic information message switching in Darwin networks; finally, jargonbots have the mission to detect and classify the users’ jargon most frequent “speech” units.

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