Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

What are the PAG’s?
PAG, Potential Affinity Groups, are groups of users that “a priori” share a behaviour pattern. When FIRST detects a pattern warns CE about that condition. The CE has the choice of creating a PAG, inviting the Potential PAG Members to become founding PAG members. These groups have the form of PAG XYZ, n-ads [k1, k2, k3], Potential PAG Members: N, Sessions: S, period: from: mm/dd/yy, to mm/dd/yy, which tell us that PAG XYZ is statistically supported by N users that had S sessions and queried the FIRST databases with keywords k1, k2, and k3 in any order and not necessarily in sequence, along the period reported. CE has enough information to create PAG’s for navigation instances as well: PAG’s where their members share similar navigation patterns.

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