Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

What’s goes through e-membranes?
Intelli-in – Intelli-out
At FIRST level only messages go through the e-membrane but at owners’ and users’ level intelligence is flowing in both directions. At both sides messages reduce the uncertainty about the other side and increase their respective intelligence. Websites generally broadcast information and at last seeds of intelligence, in an Intelli-out process. The Web architecture makes possible a counter Intelli-in process from users’ side to owners’ side but Websites are not normally enabled for that because they are not smart enough. Websites must be prepared to recognize and save all possible users’ cognitive objects, like for instance keywords, n-ads of keywords and “navigation instances” as we do in our i-Websites

. Besides that each one of the cognitive objects at the owners’ side must be provided with something that behaves as a virtual chip that registers every instance along its life cycle. In fact: a smart architecture as well as smart agents.

The inflow of intelligence from users’ side is self evident when we are talking of i-Websites that host HKM’s. In these cases are the users who make maps evolve adding their intelligent suggestions. This Web feature will change what we understand today by “establishment”, the “Official Truth” about everything deserving value judgement. The owners broadcast their truth, and in some extent the owners are privileged people, the ones with enough power to emit opinions, to rule the markets. “Ex antes” Internet the only possibility the “rest of the people” have to express their opinion and/or to modify the establishment in our modern democracies was indirectly through their representatives. Even the mass media, from newspapers to Radio and TV are like antennas that broadcast the voice of the establishment. Internet is the only mass media capable of communication in both senses, enabling the missing intelli-in process. Sooner or later this feature will change our Cosmo Vision even shortening the opportunities gap between governments and governed, between owners and users, between sellers and buyers.

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