Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

What’s an e-membrane?
FIRST works with two sides throughout an e-membrane that is a virtual membrane that functionally resembles a bio membrane, for example in the bacteria. This layer acts not only as separator but as a complex thin region where “osmosis” is performed. This membrane is semi permeable enabling and controlling the flow of messages in both directions in order to maintain the equilibrium in both sides. We have the owners’ side where the offer is hosted to feed/satisfy the users’ curiosity, and the users’ side where users demand information through messages. Users have another e-membrane where from they send and receive messages, the browser-client, for instance the Internet Explorer or Netscape. From the programming point of view the e-membrane must be considered a communications zone not to be trespassed by agents belonging to either side. The same happens with the e-membrane that communicates the server with the Web to procure information.

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