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Darwin-FIRST Faq

What are Authorities and Hubs?
The high density of information stocked in HKM’s
An authority is a document considered a reference, a milestone to state, support or defend one idea, one subject. A Hub is a center of activities, a center or platform to broadcast something considered valuable, and by extension Internet Directories. E-books could be considered Authorities as well but with some subtle differences in our Information Retrieval approach. Books and e-books deals with specific subjects within a specific context subject, that is, the central statements are embedded within mother content that gives support to what is said in the central statement. Sometimes many same level subjects are dealt in a book. For instance a book about algorithms could be considered an Authority for algorithms but not for specific algorithms.

Anyhow books and e-books have a high redundancy concerning introductory material, examples, conclusions and epilogues. On the contrary, we tend to select focused Authorities by level of specificity, technical and scientific papers instead of e-books!. In fact documents that go right to the point!. With this strategy the density of valuable information stocked in our HKM’s is by far higher than in equivalent volume of books and e-books.

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