Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Darwin-FIRST Faq

In the Logo Faq above you may see how an Intelligent Website operates. Controlled by a FIRST Expert System it has the ability to learn from users and to maintain and upgrade by itself extracting content from the Web. Before going to the questions we suggest first to see how it operates globally making click here.


-What’s this?
-What does it mean to become “Intelligent”?
-How could i-Websites perform those tasks?
-Could be FIRST applied to any type of Website?
-What Darwin-FIRST means by “cognitive objects”?
-How FIRST handles the Web communication?
-How a cognitive object looks like?
-How are cognitive objects organized?
-How are HKM’s created?

-How the HKM evolves?
    a) i-URL’s content
    b) Thesaurus evolution
    c) Logical Tree evolution
-What are maps clones and how they evolve?
-What is a Thesaurus?
-What’s then in a Catalogue?
-What are Authorities and Hubs?
-Where from FIRST extracts information?
-How is FIRST controlled?
-How many types of agents controls FIRST?
-How efficient is FIRST?
-What’s an e-membrane?
-What’s goes through e-membranes?
-How do we make queries?
-What’s subject specificity?
-What are the PAG’s?
-What’s an instance?
-What’s the meaning of Text-Context search strategy
-What about i-Website costs?

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