Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Contact Us

Fort Myers
Intag US
Ph: 1-214-542-5481

Email: juan.chamero@intag.org
Email: ce@intag.org

Intag US
1818 Elm Creek
Garland TX 75040, USA

Mobile: 214-893-5010
Email: daniel@aunmas.com
Buenos Aires
Intag Argentina
Paraná 851. 5to piso, Of 21
(1017) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: 54-11 4431 1479
Mobile: 54 11 4491 0680
Email: ragusa1@fibertel.com.ar

Authorized Voice attention:

USA-1-214-893-5010: Daniel Chamero: Spanish, English
USA-1-919-609-0021: Marcelo Behar: Spanish, English, Hebrew
USA-1-214-542-5481: Agustín Chamero: Spanish, English
AR-54-11-5004-2617: Cristina Vélez: Spanish, English, French
AR-54-11-4050-5131: Alejandro Montmollin: Spanish, English
AR-54-11-4815-3810: Buenos Aires Office: Spanish, English

By Function:

Project Leader: juan.chamero@intag.org
General Information: info@intag.org
Registration: registration@intag.org
i-Applications, i-Solutions questions: ce@intag.org
Webmaster: Webmaster@intag.org
Marketing: ce@intag.org
Chief Editor: ce@intag.org
Knowledge Maps: ce@intag.org

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