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KR - One outstanding IR “authority”

  • Clustering
    • 023-Vivísimo. Clustering is a relative “old” technology that once we get one answer to a query it could be organized in meaningful clusters so if it works and if does not take significant process time it always add never subtract concerning a better understanding (no ranking). You may see in action in the new search engine Vivísimo originated in the Carnegie Mellon University and launched in February 2001. It works fine in scientific literature, web pages, patent abstracts, newswires, meeting transcripts, and television transcripts. It is a Meta search engine because it works over several search engines at a time applying the clustering process to all the answers. It’s especially apt when users don’t know how to make accurate queries: they advise to use regular search engines in those cases. As they work directly on the pipeline of answers, the procedure is titled “just in time clustering”.
    • 024-Temporal Trends in Document Databases, from Alexandrin Popescul, Gary William Flake, Steve Lawrence, Lyle H. Ungar, C. Lee Giles, IEEE Advances in Digital Libraries, ADL 2000, Washington, DC, May 22–24, pp. 173–182, 2000. To check results they used the Citeseer database available in 025-Citeseer Index, which consists of 250,000 articles on Computer Science and they used 150,000. Their algorithm works on the ideas of co-citation and previously determined influential papers.
  • 026-Teoma is a project of Computer Labs at Rutgers University launched on May 2001 trying to excel Google.
  • We went there to see how to identify communities and local authorities within.

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