Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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More about KR

  • 028-Towards Knowledge Representation: The State of Data and Processing Modeling Standards, from Anthony K. Sarris of Ontek Corporation, 1996: Itís another source to fully depict the state of the art related to KR. In the Web domain we are dealing with conventional knowledge, at last forms of the classical written knowledge complemented with some images.

  • 029-Library of Congress site, trying to describe it with words but it will be extremely difficult to provide a map of its built in knowledge as an institution.

  • 030-ISO, the International Standards Organization or International Organization for Standardization. We have to allocate room in the I-URLís of FIRST to take into consideration that near future possibility. We went there to see how it is possible to represent complex objects like for instance societies and enterprises.

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