Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Comparative Search performance analysis

  • Done for the following search engines and directories:
    • 007-Google: to see how the PageRank Algorithm and its Lexicon work;
    • 008-Altavista: to compare its advanced search facility performance against Google;
    • 009-Infoseek: to analyze its search among results feature;
    • 010-Yahoo;
    • 011-Infomine,
    • 012-Britannica;
    • 013-Galaxy, and;
    • 014-Librarian's Index.
  • 015-HITS (published in French), which stands for Hypertext Induced Topic Search, created by John Kleinberger, from IBM to identify sources of authority: We find very useful to implement the concept of hubs (good sources of links) and authorities (good sources of content). I think most of our URL's will correspond to authorities. A good hub is the one that points to many authorities and conversely a good authority is the one that is pointed to by many hubs. We went there to see how to find “good enough” authorities and hubs.

  • 016-OGS: OGS, Open Global Ranking Search Engine and Directory, is a distributed concept trying to use all search facilities opinions. We went there to see how to implement users’ opinions.

  • TAPER: TAPER, which stands for Taxonomy And Path Enhanced Retrieval system, was developed by 017-Soumen Chakrabarti, in collaboration with Byron Dom and Piotr Indyk , from IBM Santa Teresa Research Lab, year 1997. You may find also the related document (in pdf) Using Taxonomy, Discriminants and Signatures for navigating in Text Databases, written by Soumen Chakrabarti, Byron Dom, Rakesh Agrawal and Prabhakar Raghavan of IBM Almaden Research Center, 1997.

  • 018-How do we find information on the Web by Kiduk Yang, March29, 2001, School of Information and Library Sciences, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill.

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