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About us

First i-Website Prototype

To demonstrate the feasibility of this methodology that permits the full exploitation of the Web we decided to build a prototype. For that purpose Intag signed an agreement with the Universidad CAECE, from Argentina, considered an excellence center in Systems Engineering, to build a bilingual English-Spanish ICT, Information, Computing and Telecommunications Map. This Human Knowledge Major Subject was chosen because the amplitude of its spectrum and contacts with almost all disciplines of a Human Knowledge Map, that is a macro Authority and Hub at the same time.

The prototype was built and hosted in this site and "clones" of it are going to be hosted in some other sites in order to see how they behave, how they evolve as a function of their respective users' markets. This prototype could be considered a "Major Subject Unit" of the first HKM, Human Knowledge Map, Version 1.0. It is administered by a full FIRST Desktop, able even to manage the whole map if the whole content were available. This Desktop will in its turn, be administered by a single person, a Chief Editor. Each clone will have its own FIRST Expert System, its own Desktop and its Chief Editor.

This map was built in 120 days by a staff of 15 people working in six different places, always connected by a special Darwin-FIRST working platform, a sort of Extranet. It has a Thesaurus of more than 50,000 keywords, an initial collection of 3,000 cognitive objects pointing to equal number of Authorities and Hubs, and everything structured around a Logical Tree of 1,600 subjects. The information and knowledge mapped represent a Library of more than 100,000 pages with minimum redundancy, in this case a virtual ICT Encyclopedia of nearly 100 volumes. The "pointer" alone, a collection of i-URL's, which stand for "intelligent URL's", has a volume of 3,000 pages with more than 1,600 images.

A whole HKM would share the same basic structure but larger, encompassing about 200 Major Subjects or disciplines, a Thesaurus of 8 to 10 million keywords, and nearly 500,000 Cognitive Objects referencing a Virtual Encyclopedia of 15 million pages!.

These maps will allow general users to satisfy their curiosity and needs in terms of information and knowledge with only one click of their mouse. In fact a YGWYW, You Get What You Want interface in only one click. This Version 1.0 allow registered users two advanced search feature making use of FIRST procurebot agents to locate Similar Auhorities to the ones provided by the map, and an Extended Search option that provide users prime Top for each Thesaurus keyword. This prime Top facility enables users to optimize significantly the conventional search

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