Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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About us

Implementation General Architecture, Organization and Principals' Staff

We depict below the Darwin-FIRST General Architecture. We may distinguish five areas:
  • Content: It refers to Ccognitive Objects procurement, retrieval and editing, covered by our proprietary FIRST Methodology.

  • FIRST Expert System: divided in three sub areas, namely: The Expert Systems by itself, able to "learn" from users' machine interactions; The Agents, that perform almost autonomous tasks carrying messages between the i-Website and its users, and; the Patterns' Behavior sub area that performs differential "data mining" type calculations and manages and maintains the users' Jargons.

  • Web: It deals with conventional Web design and development topics, and manages all Web interfaces with FIRST.

  • Networking: It deals with Parallel Processing matters, Interrupt Management and the Agents cooperation within a Darwin Net.

  • Applications: It deals with the whole spectrum of possible applications emerging from i-Websites. We highlighted what we consider the most attractive: adding intelligence to Portals and B2B sites, and MMM, Match Making Models.

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