Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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About us

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Intag, Intelligent Agents Internet Corp is an American Research and development Company with its headquarter established in Miami, Florida. In May 2001, Intag announced its FIRST methodology, a Full Information Retrieval System Thesaurus, essentially an evolutionary system to retrieve Information and Knowledge from the Web. Its core was a collection of CO's, "Cognitive Objects" addressed by a Thesaurus structured around a Subjects Logical Tree. The announcement was made in Florida and one month later in the Universidad de Madrid and Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain (See Intag References).

At that time the target was to build Human Knowledge Maps, enabled to evolve by themselves administered by a FIRST Expert System, enabled to "learn" as much as possible from its users' interactions. From that time, our FIRST methodology, primarily concerned with Information retrieval and Intelligent Agents, evolves towards a whole system to transform any Website in an intelligent interface between Website owners and their users. As these nodes could be interconnected sharing information, knowledge and even forms of intelligence we got to the idea of Darwin-FIRST, Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence. That means nets with the ability to procure, retrieve, and select information and knowledge from the Web, generating and/or maintaining collections of Cognitive Objects, the global and detailed follow up of these objects throughout their life cycle, and to detect and "learn" as much as possible from its users.

FIRST i-Website Prototype - ICT Map
Darwin-FIRST General Architecture
Darwin-FIRST Organizations and Principals' Staff
Staff Profile

Authorized Voice attention

USA-1-214-893-5010: Daniel Chamero: Spanish, English
USA-1-919-609-0021: Marcelo Behar: Spanish, English, Hebrew
USA-1-214-542-5481: Agustín Chamero: Spanish, English
AR-54-11-5004-2617: Cristina Vélez: Spanish, English, French
AR-54-11-4050-5131: Alejandro Montmollin: Spanish, English
AR-54-11-4815-3810: Buenos Aires Office: Spanish, English

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