Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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White Paper Documents in PDF

As of January 2004

WP The end of Conventional Search Engines, 31 August 2004, 128KB
WP E-membranes to detect Users’ Behavior Patterns, 184KB
Paper presented at WSEAS 2004 Multi Conference held in Miami May 2004.
WP Tree_of_knowledge.pdf, 115KB
WP How Case Studies Methodology embeds with continuity within the millennial Teaching Learning Paradigm, 134KB
A paper presented to WACRA concerning Cases as the frontier between rationale and intuition dealing with extremely complex systems
Warning: The are White papers but you need a special permission to accede to them
WP How to Build Human Knowledge Maps, as of 20th October 2004, 133KB
You need a special permission to open it!. Ask for it!
WP Internet Resources as seen form a New KM Paradigm, 54KB
Darwin-Firsts versus Conventional Search Engines.
You need a special permission to open it!.Ask for it!
Towards a New Digitalized Human Knowledge Paradigm, 415 KB
Nuevo Paradigma del Conocimiento Humano Digitalizado, 573 KB

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