Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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White Papers

As of July 2003

WP Darwin-FIRST Overview, 474KB
This is a milestone document that describes conceptually Darwin-FIRST. Nevertheless, to read it users requires a password that could be solicited to whitepapers@intag.org.
WP Web Society Model, 49KB
Spanish written document in Spanish about how Internet makes an intelligent society feasible. It states that the conventional mass media, including TV, are only broadcast media, enabling one way communication from the establishment to the people. Internet, on the contrary, permits out-flow and in-flow of information and knowledge in both ways, from Website owners to people and from people to Website owners.
WP Searching Game, 242KB
It was one of the preliminary intellectual gym tests done with Google, one of the best search engines. We select sets of related words, either from the point of view of their use or from the point of view of trying to detect cleavages and shortcuts to “cut” the web. This kind of intellectual gym is more an entertainment that a research, only a game to browse globally the Web via a Search Engine but it opens our minds to go deep. As the frequencies of letters in our alphabets aid us in coding and decoding tasks, the frequency of words used by the human being in the Web could be a new way of learning more about how humans express their ideas. This game allows us the test the search engine equanimity.
WP i-Webs' Physiology, 53 KB
i-Websites behaves like an e-membrane enabling the free "Full Duplex" communication between Website "owners" and users.
WP The Noosphere and the Web Space, 45 KB
This is an ancient concept coined by Teillard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest. It makes reference to the sphere of knowledge that surrounds our planet.
WP ICT Logical Tree, 307 KB
FIRST Logical Tree – Thesaurus cross reference to guide the Logical Tree evolution.
WP Subjects Affinities, 80 KB
It deals with the Subject's Thesaurus sets intersection among them. The more keywords shared the more affinity.
WP Web Intelligence Retrieval, 36 KB
It tells how to retrieve the Web Intelligence starting from a Human Knowledge Map as a platform.
WP Core Keywords, 61 KB
Core keywords defined as those that only exist in a given subject. They are substantial to measure the cognitive value of a document.
WP Search Engines versus Mapping, 58 KB
Search Engines cognitive units are pages, each one with its URL meanwhile i-Maps cognitive units are Websites considered like a coherent collection of documents that share a common hall: the Home. This is a substantial difference.
WP Similarities, i-Map Extensions, i-Map evolution, and Unsatisfied Cognitive Demand, 33 KB
Searching through i-Maps has its pros and cons. Among cons we may identify volume problems. Conventional search engines outcomes are huge but many times noisy and fuzzy.
WP ACM 2001 Curricula, 176KB
ACM 2001 Curricula depicted as a decimal Tree.
WP ICT Overlap with Mother's Basic Disciplines, 241 KB
Go to see how this prototype discipline ICT overlaps with its ancestors!.
WP ICT Logical Tree Upper Level, 53KB
ICT Baskets’ definitions: 34 main branches of the ICT Logical Tree. Of them, 14 belong to ACM 2001 Curricula, 12 to the “Rest of the World”, centered on the IFIP-UNESCO Curricula, 4 take into considerations “proto” ICT and Founding Disciplines, and 4 belong to disciplines closely related to ICT.
WP ICT Overlap with other related Major Subjects, 178KB
Preliminary study about the ICT overlaps with closely related disciplines.
WP Preliminary Basic Logical Tree, 39KB
A preliminary Basic Logical Tree with four huge “baskets”, the ICT as a Institutional and Professional discipline, Informatics, Computing and telecommunications. It was used to test the ICT Web space.
WP ICT Curricula Exploration I, 195KB
A preliminary research about Web resources to build our first ICT Logical Tree and Thesaurus.
WP ICT Curricula Exploration II – ACM Versus IFIP/UNESCO, 245KB
A Worldwide comparative study of ICT Curricula: basically ACM 2001 Curricula versus IFIP-UNESCO.
WP ICT Curricula Exploration III – IFIP/UNESCO, 90KB
WP Agents Overview, 30KB
Darwin-FIRST agents brief overview.
WP Preliminary Procurement Agent Ideas, 2KB
Example of a preliminary instructive to build procurement agents, with the mission of selecting from the Web a weighted list of potential URL’s to satisfy a given keyword.
Data Mining
WP Preliminary “Pattern Behaviour” Detection Ideas, 83KB
Differential Data Mining Logic Algorithm
WP Instances Definition, 62KB
User instances jargon analysis.
WP Preliminary Potential Affinity Groups Ideas
PAG’s, Potential Affinities’ Groups Preliminary Instructive.
FIRST Desktop
WP Dictionaries, Glossaries and Bibliography, 148KB
References and Sources of Bilingual Content.
WP FIRST Desktop Preliminary Ideas, 35KB
Global Desktop Architecture Description.
WP i-URLHeader Design, 32KB
i-URL’s Header sections, parameters and variables.
Map Objects
WP Human Topics Users’ Preferences Sample, 168KB
This is a preliminary study of users’ preferences performed on five top search engines through 3 years.
WP How to measure the users' preferences; Content and Sight Preferences, 45 KB
FIRST behaves like an e-membrane and in some extent the user's monitor is like the dermis of it.
WP A Google’s Revision, 138KB
A Review of Google’s Search Process.
WP Preliminary Text-Context Search Methodology Ideas, 153KB
An example of Text-Context Methodology: to see how search converges.

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