2 Designing Parallel Algorithms
A Library of Parallel Algorithms
Abstract and Concrete Complexity Theory--Randomness and Complexity
Animation and Simulation
applications of the pumping lemma
apsp and transitive closure
Asymptotic Notations, time complexity meaaures
basic computability theory
big-O notation
branch and bound algorithms
Case Study Shortest-Path Algorithms
Cellular Automata Theory
CIS Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Complexity Theory Lecture Notes (summaries)
Cryptographic Algorithms
cuadrattic sorting algorithms
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Distributed Algorithms in Complete Networks with Link and Processor Failures
eamples of Greedy algorithms
evolutionary algorithms
Fixpoint Logics, Relational Machines, and Computational Complexity - Vardi, Abiteboul, Vardi, Vianu (ResearchIndex)
Fractal Genomics - The Technology
general expressions and the pumping lemma
Genetic Algorithms FAQ
Geometric Algorithms, intro
Graph Traversal (DFS and BFS)
Greedy Algorithms
Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation
Introduction to standar complexity classes
Modular competitiveness for distributed algorithms (abstract)
Parallel Algorithms Project Home Page
parallel architecture and programming models
parallel branch and bound algorithms, anomalies
pointer jumping
PRAM models
Prim's and Kruskal's Algorithms
Representations of Graphs
Simulated Annealing Tech Reports
Sorting Algorithms
sorting by comparison algorithms
Space-Time Tradeoffs
Sparser A paradigm for running distributed algorithms - Afek, Ricklin (ResearchIndex)
SSH Support Cryptography A-Z Introduction to Cryptography Basic Cryptographic Algorithms
The Church-Turing Thesis
The Optimal Cost Chromatic Partition Problem for Trees and Interval Graphs - Kroon, Sen, Deng, Roy (ResearchIndex)
The ViSiDiA Homebase at LaBRI Bordeaux
Theory of computation -- Abstract Complexity Theory
totpological sort
Turing Machine -- from MathWorld
ultrafast parallel algorithms
Various representations of graphs
Von Neumann and Automata Theory


3-Tier Architectures
bio functional organization
cellular mutiprocessing architecture
computer performance evaluation
CS2507 - Computer Organisation and Interfacing - Base page
CSE 471 Logic Design of Digital Systems
Dell - Chipkill Correct Memory Architecture
digital logic overview 2
digital logic overview
Distributed Computing and Communications Laboratory
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council Home Page
functional organization, cisco example
high performance networking, the Web
interfacing and communications. old intel
Introduction to Multi-tier-N-tier-3-tier Architectures
ip network architectures
LMA II, a memory architecture example
machine representaion of data
Memory Architecture, intro
multiprocessing architecture, compaq
multiprocessing arhitecture, pama
Neural Networks - Architecture
Numeric representation standards
physical memory management
RISC Instruction Set
RT++ --- Tutorial and Reference Manual
School of Electrical and Information Engineering at Sydney University
virtual memory architecture for SUN OS
Welcome to Multimedia Teaching of Introductory Digital Systems tutorial


Routing Algorithms
3D Seismic wave propagation model, supercomputing
A Tutorial on Dynamic Programming
A Tutorial on Integer Programming
AHPCRC, USA Army high-performance computing
Calculus with Applications, Tools, from MIT, facilitator
Chaos Theory, calculus
Computation Methods in Linear Algebra
computation of linearized Euler equations
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), commercial
Coordinated Unit Movement - Discrete vs. Continuous Simulation
Cray supercomputers, commercial
cstochastis models of chemical reactions
curve and surface fitting
Decision Analysis, probabilistic models
definite integrals computation
Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming
Discrete Event Simulation (DES)
Discrete-Event Simulation, a valuable book brief
Euler Method, analysis
Euler's method
Finite Differences Tutorial
Floating-point arithmetic, for java, commercial
forecast case study, for the Czech republic
Fourier Series
Future of Information Technology, a learning model for forecasting
High Performance Computers, from Microsoft
High Performance Computing and Infrastructure for Chemical Process Modeling (Research Areas)
High Performance Computing Pipelining
High Performance Computing, from UK
high-performance computing overview
IBM Research Deep Blue Overview
IBM's Chess-Playing Computer, a critic of IBM Deep Blue project
image resizing using finite differences
interactive demos of mathematical computations
Interactive mathematics, from Nice university, France
Introduction to Parallel Computing and Cluster Computers
Introduction to Queueing Theory
Large scale scientific and enginering applications
Large-Scale Simulation of Fluid Flow Around a Deforming Parachute on Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures
learning econometrics with GAUSS
least squares approximation
linear and integer programming review
Linear Programming FAQ
Linear Programming Foundations and Extensions, online book from Princenton
Maui High Performance Computing Center
Modeling and Simulation Resources
Neural Net Related Math
neural ntworking for economic forecast
Neuro-Dynamic Programming
Newton's method and high order iterations
NewtonMethod, extended interval
NOAA high-performance computing
ocean atmosphere model, supercomputing
Optimization and Curve Fitting
paralle computing directory
Parallel Discrete Event Simulation
Parallel N-Body Simulations, supercomputing
Perfectly Random Sampling with Markov Chains
Petri Nets World Online Services for the International Petri Nets Community
Petri Nets
probabilistic models and Bayesian networks
Pseudo random number generators
Puzzles (Integer Programming in Recreational Mathematics)
Queueing Theory Project
Queueing Theory
Random number generators -- The pLab Project Home Page
Random numbers and Probability Distribution Functions
Random Walks, Markov Chains and the Monte Carlo Method - True Random Number Service
Scalable Parallel Formulations of the Barnes-Hut Method for n-Body Simulations - Grama (ResearchIndex)
Seismic wave propagation in earthquakes, by Linux
Simpson's Rule
simulation and probabilistic models directory
Solution of the Diffusion Equation by Finite Differences, from Princenton university
Steps in Dynamic Programming Tutorial
Supercomputer-on-a-chip for broadband applications
Supercomputers and High Performance Computing - a CompInfo Directory
supercomputing overview, from Berkeley Lab
Superconducting nanowires assist in study of phase transitions
Taylor series applications
Taylor's series pplied o rigid body simulation
The IEEE standard for floating point arithmetic
Tools for exact linear algebra
Transient Fluid Flow in a Continuous Steel-Slab Casting Mold

ACM_ds and math_ict

About the Library. math e_books free
Basic Counting Techniques
Búsqueda en Google geometric modeling
Combinatorial Links
Counting Techniques
Data Structures and Algorithms Introduction
deformation mapping techniques
Digital Logic
DIMACS-IAS Workshops 1996-1998 Focus on Discrete Probability
discrete math from city university , London
discrete math, uk
Finite Differences Tutorial
Fractal Genomics - The Technology - Bresenham's Line and Circle Algorithms
Geometric Algorithms
Glasser's Master Theorem
global ilumination, monte carlo
Graph Theory Lessons
Math Forum What Is a Tessellation
Mesh Method,
morphology applied to images
os, queing analysis
Pigeonhole Principle
Problem Solving Strategies
proof techniques
Ray tracing algorithms
solid geometry
Statements, truth values and truth tables
The Numbers Of Spanning Trees, Hamilton Cycles And Perfect Matchings In A Random Graph (ResearchIndex)
The Optimal Cost Chromatic Partition Problem for Trees and Interval Graphs - Kroon, Sen, Deng, Roy (ResearchIndex)
Turing Machine -- from MathWorld
Tutorial on hardware (1 of 80), from basic logic
Venn Diagram, cool, funny, commercial
viewing transformation
Von Neumann and Automata Theory


3D, graphic techniques
Basic Graphic Techniques, progrmming
Brycetech Bryce Camera Animation tutorial
Búsqueda en Google geometric modeling
CG Fundamentals - Color part 2, rgb hsb cmyk
clipping, Embedded Paths vs. Alpha Channels - Removing Backgrounds and other Image Elements with Clipping Paths and Alpha Channels
Collision Detection, resources
Color Quantization Overview
Computational Geometry Code
computer graphic intro
Computer Graphics World - graphics, 3d modeling, cad and visual computing, authority
Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory, Beckman Institute, UIUC
computer vision
CoN 5.13 The Color of Culture
Copytek Systems Resources & Support Tips & Tricks How-To Articles
CS426 - Project #5 - Key Frame Animation
Deezin Studios Graphic Design Resource Center - tips and articles, ibm software, Free animated gifs, free images, Photoshop and
deformation mapping techniques
Digital Colour Basics, color models
Do Color Models Really Make a Difference
EyeWire Magazine Features Color
Fine Art and Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
Fractal Genomics - The Technology - Bresenham's Line and Circle Algorithms
GIS mapping byproducts, infoland maps
global ilumination, monte carlo
global ilumination, photon tracing
Glossary of Adaptive Technologies Haptic Devices
graphic, presentation techniques, power point
graphic, web design corner
Homogeneous coordinates
homogeneous oordinates tutorial
House of Moves Motion Capture Studio
IKAN - Inverse Kinematics using Analytical Solutions
Incremental Tessellation
Information Visualization at PNNL
integrated visual computing
interrofation functions, for visualization
Inverse Kinematics
Key Frame Animation Basics, extracted from a forum
Key-Frame Animation, intro
Lighting and Three Dimensional Graphics -- Continued
lod, multiple levels of detail
Lycos Help & How-To - RGB, CMYK, HSB, Grayscale
maya tutorial, excellent,go backward and forward
Menu - MIT Computer Graphics Group - LCS
Mesh Method, marching cube method
Motion Analysis and Motor Performance Laboratory
motion analysis, commercial
Motion Capture - Meta Motion sells Motion Capture Hardware and Software - Mocap
objet recognition and shape representation
Photoshop Tips & Tricks answers reader questions
Psychodynamics and Social Cognition
radiometry, transport equations
Raster and Vector Graphics
Ray tracing algorithms
Rendering Complex Scenes with Memory-Coherent Ray Tracing
SAL- Computer Graphics, Images & Signals - Geographic Information Systems
scalable tool sharing
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification
solid geometry
Some Thoughts on Behavior in VR Systems
Super Mac Animation-WorldWide
tesellation of curved surfaces
The Z-Buffer Device
Three-dimensional PC toward novel forms of human-computer interaction (ResearchIndex)
User Feedback
video display devices
viewing transformation
Viewing Transformations 2D and 3D
Virtual Display Case Gallery, Visual Lab from Indiana University
Virtual Reality info page, directory
Virtual Reality Resources and Initiatives, commercial, vertical
visualization, vector fields an flows
Waterloo-CGL-Image Synthesis
[8] What is color quantization


3D techniques
5. Messy Geometry Management
A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology
a chat tutorial
Abstract Widget Classes
Accommodating difference2
Accommodating human diversity, slides 5 to 17 alone
Agents, Robots, Spiders, data miners and their protocols
Characters, improvisation, and ...
communication on the Internet
Computational Models of Human Performance
CoN 5.13 The Color of Culture
contact interaction, audio and haptics
Cyber Behavior Research Center - Index - Cyber Behavior Research Center - CIO
Cyberspace Online Communities, from OD
Dray & Associates, Inc Links, gui human factors
event management, commercial
Exploiting Virtual Reality Techniques in Education and Training Technological Issues - Index
FAQ - Dmoz-Games-Internet-MUDs-MOOs
Geometry Management
Group Communication & Collaboration Online, commercial
gui for collaboration and communicationss
gui, collaboration and peer to peer technologies
HCI Bibliography Human-Computer Interaction - User Interface Usability, directory
HCI Resources Guidelines, styleguides, standards, directory
HCII home Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Home Page - ACM-SIGCHI, hci authority
Human Centered Development
Human Computer Interaction, white papers and courses
human factors matrix
Human Factors-Usability URLs
Human machine interface, from NASA
human performance models II
human performance models
Human-Centered Engineering
inheritance and dynamic dispatch
Instrumentation Development for Human-Centered Tele-Immersion
Internet Teaching IV. MUDs, MOOs and IRC
Keystroke-level Model (KLM) GOMS
Methods for Designing Usable Web Sites
multimodl virtual environment, haptic
online teaching and learning tools - MUDs, MOOs and Virtual Worlds Or, Mr. Brown Can MOO, Can You
proximity group communication
Psychodynamics and Social Cognition
Publications on Tele-immersion at EVL-Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Quixote Widget Classes
Secure Group Communication in Asynchronous Networks with Failures Integration and Experiments
Site Map and Storyboards
Software Design Smorgasbord Human-Computer Interaction Page
Synchronous Communication Tools
The British HCI Group
The WWW VL Educational Technology - Educational VR (MUD) sub-page (05-Jan-2000)
Types of Group Communication Tools
UI, Users Interfaces Styles
uims techniques
unifying user-centered and use-case driven requeriments
University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
Usability and Web Design, commercial
Usability Testing of World Wide Web Sites
User Feedback
User Interface Design and Development
User Interface Management Systems The CLIM Perspective
Virtual Communities intro
Virtual Communities Utopian Vision or Living Hell
Virtual Communities, yahoo directory
virtual reality for math and geometry education
Virtual Reality info page
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) FAQ Knowledge Base
Virtual Reality Overview of its Application to Neurology Article by Morris Steffin, MD
WEB3D CONSORTIUM - all aspects of 3D technologies on the Internet
websphere, event management, from ibm
Widget Classes and Hierarchy


Digital Copyright - Digital Rights Management
Electronic Publishing, from FAO
Hypermedia intro
Streaming media, webcasting and interactive video
A Generalisation of Entity and Referential Integrity in Relational Databases (ResearchIndex)
About Digital Libraries, from Minnesota university
active hypertext
AIS CASE Modeling Methodology
An Introduction to Physical Database Files
Archives and Knowledge Management
associative and sequentil patterns in data mining
authoring tools
Automatic link generation, from USA gov
Automatic Link Generation
Baan Company Overview
Baan World Users
Best Software - accounting and financial software, manufacturing and distribution solutions for small to mid-sized businesses
Beyond Graph Theory, hypertex how was born
case tools
client server distributed architecture
Client-Server Software Architectures--An Overview
CMM, Capability Maturity Model and ISO 9000
Collaborative Commerce - Computerworld
Concurrency Control and Recovery..., free online book
Content-based analysis, indexing, for speech, sound and multimedia, from Berkeley
cooperating digital libraries
Cornell University Nomadic Digital Libraries Proposal
cr, Customer Relationship Management, j d edwards vision
CRISP-DM - Home, industrial data mining standard
CS5604 Information Storage and Retrieval
CyberCash manual, from IBM
data clustering, anthropomorphic
Data Clustering
data flow diagrams, intro
Data Mining and Visualization
data mining in Singapur University, data cleaning
Data Mining What is Data Mining
Data Modeling Finding the Perfect Fit
data modeling
data quality overview
data representation and coding
Database Journal Daily Database News And Information for the Database Professional
Database Languages. directory
database management overview
Database Tuning, Optimisation, Custom Forms, Reports - Clare Associates Devon
databases, intro
DB Web Search & Site Map, faqs tutorials and more from CERN
dbms definition
dbms, fundamental notions
dcom and com whitepapers, from Microsoft
dense indexing
Design of Query Languages and User Interface
Diffuse -- Information Management Standardization Activity - August 2001
Digital Libraries Topical Outline
Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), from Microsoft
Distributed computing models
Distributed Data Storage @ IU
Distributed Multimedia Applications
distributed query services
EAI Knowledge Base, what is Corba
Entity Relationship Diagrams
erp meaning
Evaluating Information Technology Investments
Fifth Normal Form (5NF), relational database design
file signature methods
Fourth Normal Form (4NF), relational database design
hashed files
Historical Metadata Tools
history of databases systems
History of Information Management, Information Science
hypermedia composites to Web
hypermedia for cognition and communication
hypermedia integration, from navy
hypermedia ontology based
Hypertext & Hypermedia Definition, some history
hypertext semantics for Web applications
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP-1.1
IBM Data Management Applications & Tools using IBM Data Management
information and teleommunications systems security, USA gov
Information Integrity and Preservation, digital libraries
Information Management Applications
Information Management Systems overview
Information needs, relevance, evaluation, effectiveness, IR valuation
Intellectual property rights
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet History of the Internet
InterTrust Patents Key Digital Rights Management and Watermarking-Fingerprinting Technologies
Intro Oracle, resources
IT Metrics For Success, project management
ITtoolbox Baan Knowledge Base
ITtoolbox Oracle Knowledge Base
ITtoolbox PeopleSoft Knowledge Base
ITtoolbox Siebel Knowledge Base
J. D. Edwards and HP alliance overview
Joint Application Design-Development
knowledge spaces, digital libraries, from Puebla Mexico
Manual to build Digital Libraries
Mapping conceptual schema to a relational schema
market basket analysis, from Stanford
Market Basket Analysis
Markup Languages, commercial
Metadata Standards for Retrieving WWW Documents (and Other Digitized and Non-Digitized Resources)
Microsoft Great Plains Solomon Solutions
Modern Information Retrieval - Glossary
Modern Systems Analysis and Design, a ppt presentation
Morphological analysis, stemming, phrases, stop lists, a ppt presentation from Pittsburg univesity
MULTIMEDIA Applications, commercial
multimedia resources, a ppp of 5 slides
MySQL The World's Most Popular Open Source Database, commercial
MySQL, refferences, commercial
Normal Forms (1st to 3rd), relational database design
OBJECT QUERY LANGUAGE, from a Korean university
Object Query Language
Ontologies Come of Age
Open Systems Accounting Software
oracle overview and faqs
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions
Oracle University
Oracle versus Microsoft Sqlserver 2000
PeopleSoft Consulting
PeopleSoft Overview
PHP-MySQL Tutorial
Physical Database Design
Query Languages for the Web
Recommandations Privacy and Security, from Canada
Relational Algebra
relational data modeling
reliability, security and preservation in public libraries
Routing and Network Ingress Filtering
Ruby Annotation
SAP overview and faqs
Security Systems Standards and Certification Act
semantic interoperability in digital libraries
SID, Structured and Intelligent Documents Project, from Helsinki university
Siebel-Microsoft Alliance - Overview
signature files
solomon solutions overview
solutions for technical writing and publishing. commercial
SQL Server Home, from Microsoft
SQL Tutorial
SQL.ORG - Your Portal to SQL Resources on the Web
SQLCourse - Interactive Online SQL Training for Beginners, commercial
storage and file structure, physical, overview
storage and physical file structures
Strings vs Atoms
syspro overview
Systems Analysis Interesting Web Sites List, directory
Systems Analysis, Information by Level Graph
systems life cycle
systems scalability discussion
Systems Theory
systems thinking, commercial
Taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, and other systems of knowledge organization, commercial
Techniques For Building Open Hypermedia Systems
Term frequency distributions, uncertainty, fuzziness, weighting, from Belgique
Text Analysis Info - Glossary
text, an amazing intro to hypertext
The Knowledge Organization on Internet Mini-FAQ
The Library of Congress
thesauri and taxonomy resources
transation processing
Tries, inverted files, PAT trees, signature files, indexing, from Taiwan university
Tutorials, E-Learning and Online Training, commercial, they sell them
user information seeking, commercial
Variable-Length Record Structures, from Texas university
virtual reality
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
web thin - client applications
Welcome To The OMG's CORBA Website, Corba Portal
word based text compression
Worldwide Information Systems, form Mitre Corp
XQuery 1.0 An XML Query Language
Z39.50 communication standard


Tutorial Introduction to Expert Systems
5.2 Local Search
Adaptive Systems Group, Navy Center for Applied Research in AI, NRL, machine learning USA NAVY
Agent Architectures
Agent's Knowledge Representation and Interface Description Language
Agents, informal directory
AI from TAU - Useful Links, history
AI in Medicine Knowledge Page
ai intro, pdf slides set
AI on the Web, from Berkeley
AI Planning
AI Qual Summary Robotics, from Stanford
AI, Portal, CogSci and Robotics Robotics, Agent Modelling and Vision
architectural clasification of agents
Assoc for Uncertainty in AI
autoepistemic logic
Autonomous Agents as Embodied AI
brute force, man-machine
BTexaCT Projects Intelligent agents
Chinese Room Argument [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
CLIPS A Tool for Building Expert Systems
COLT Computational Learning Theory
crpus based method
Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems - Home
default reasoning
Description Logics
elements of decision theory, probabilistic models
evolutionary computing
Expert Systems And Artificial Intelligence, intro
Expert Systems, intro
Formal Learning Theory
Fuzzy Logic, directory
Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
Genetic Algorithms FAQ
grammar to communicate among agents
Hybrid Search Methods
Information Retrieval, Extraction, and Fusion from Heterogeneous, Distributed Data Sources
intelligent agents intro
Intelligent Software Agents Theory - A Definition
intelligents agents theory
intention reconciliation by agents
IR, associative database
learning decision trees
LiEP CIS-2000-026 Rationality in human nonmonotonic inference.
Lumiere Bayesian Reasoning, User Modeling, and Automated Assistance
Machine Learning and Information Retrieval (Belew-Shavlik), directory
Machine Learning for Information Retrieval Neural Networks, Symbolic Learning, and Genetic Algorithms
Machine Learning in Games
Markov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox for Matlab
markov decision process
MindSight Modeling & World Models Articles by Carmine Baffa Ph.D.
Minimax search and alpha-beta pruning
MIT AI Lab Research Projects
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science
mobile agents
N-Queens, Constraint Satisfaction versus Local Search
Neural Network FAQ, part 1 of 7 Introduction
Ontologies for Information Retrieval and Learning
parsing algorithms
Practical Knowledge Representation for the Web
PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS! brute force versus AI approaches
quantum game theory
reaoning about action and change
Resolution Theorem Proving
robor architectures for games
Robotics - Overview
Robotics world models
Shortest Path Problem Dijkstra's Algorithm
Simulated Annealing Tech Reports
spatial reasoning
speaker and speech recognition
structured knoledge representation for image retrieval
Teaching Bayesian Reasoning in Less Than Two Hours
temporal reasoning
The History of Artificial Intelligence
The Multi-Agent Systems Lab
The Robotic Agents Group
The Turing Test and Chinese Room Experiment
Towards Knowledge Representation
uncertain reasoning
What is Robotics
 II.3. Knowledge Representation, Commonsense Knowledge, and Inference


10 Giga bits ethernet
50 Top search engines
A comparison of Internet audio compression formats
About DSL
Advanced Networks Group - Satcom-Wireless
Advanced Telecommunications Networks
applets to tlk to server side programs
Applying Software Engineering Principles to a Web Site Development Process
Army Technology - DAP Technologies - Fully Rugged Wireless Mobile Computers, commercial
AT&T IP Network Performance example
ATM - tutorial
Audio Compression Algorithm Implementations Table
Audio Compression Manager, from Microsoft
Authentication Protocols, from Cisco
averything about T1
AWT, abstract windows toolkit
Basic Guide to Frame Relay Networking
Bibliography on Source Coding-Data Compression
Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
CD-ROM Technology
Cell Relay FAQ
CGI The Common Gateway Interface for Server-side Processing
circuit versus packet switching, from Sprint
Client-Side Scripts and Utilities, for MySQL - Technology - Review Satellite-based Web access - December 29, 2000
Compact disk (CD) and compact disk drive technology
Compression Algorithms
Configuring and Troubleshooting Frame Relay
Congestion Control In Computer Networks
Convergence of Wireless Technology and Enterprise Networks Integrating the Internet
Creating Portable and Modular Client-Side Scripts
Cryptographic Algorithms
Data-Link Switching (DLSw)
Database Driven Web Sites, commercial
Database-Driven Web Sites
Design Principles for Web Engineering, w3c
Designing ATM Internetworks
Digital Signature Initiative Overview, from w3c
digital wireless basics
Distributed Objects case study
distributed user centric applications
DSL glossary
DVD info - What is Net-Centric Computing
Enabling High Performance Data Transfers
Encoding and Decoding in data compression
ethernet FAQ
ethernet guide
Failure Handling and Recovery
fiber distributed data interface, from Digital
fiber optics overview
File Compression and Decompression
firewall technologies
Firewalls Overview
FL Voyager Multimedia Server
Frame Relay Routing tutorial
Frame Relay Tutorials
Free Server-Firewall Test
Global Optimization with End-to-End Congestion Control, directory
High Speed Networking
How File Compression Works, lossy and lossless
HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview
IANA Domain Name Services
IBM alphaWorks emerging technologies
Image Compression Programs
input and output devices and colour models
Interacting with Client-Side Scripts, from Microsoft
Internet backbones
Internet Firewalls and Security, from Linux
Internet Firewalls Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Protocol Suite Enhanced for Satellite-Based Networks
Internet Resources Multimedia - standards
Internet Service Providers, and Access Charges, gov US
Internet Service Providers, resources
Internet Service Providers, white papers
InterNIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
ISDN Tutorial
ISP Resources Portall
ITPRC - Data Link Layer, directory
ITPRC - Physical Layer, networks
Java Applet Tutorial
JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1-2
LAN Switching
lightweight distributed processing infrastructure
Lossless Data Compression, Huffman coding, lempel-Ziv coding
MIDI & synthesizer technical resources
Mobile & Wireless, whitepapers
mobile and mobile-satellite services
Mobile computing (including mobile web, wireless computing, WAP, Bluetooth, wireless data communications)
mobile Internet Protocol II
mobile Internet Protocol
Mobile Products and Solutions from Symbol Technologies, products, commercial
modems, networking and communications link
multimedia data-embedding and watermarking technologies
Multimedia Standards, Organizations, and Resources
Multimedia Standards
multimedia, embeding. net centric
nc, intro commercial
net centric products
net centric, in the enterprise
net centric, web with small devices
Network Management Basics
Network Performance Measurement Tools
Network Routing Policy
Network Security Library
Network Solutions- the home page for domain names, including .biz and .info Network Solutions, commercial
Network Standards - A Guide to Choosing Professional Network Installers
Network Standards
Networking Models ISO OSI 7 Layer Reference Model + TCP-IP 5 Layer Model
NMS Network Management White Paper
Optical Technologies, discs
Overview of Applets
Packet Geography 2002 FAQ
packet radio
Packet Switching
performance analysis of compression algorithms
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) FAQ [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP); Virt
problem solving for computational grids
Professional Two-Way Radio Frequently Asked Questions
recovery orientes computing. ROC
Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
Remote Procedure Calls I. Sun RPC
Routers and Routing, directory
routing and multicasting
Routing concept
Ryan's Gigabit Network & Distributed Computing page
Scarab Lightweight Distributed Objects (LDO)
SCTP for Beginners SCTP Streams
Secret-Key Algorithms
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Software - Web Development Servers
streams, datagrams and appliances
T1 and T3 Broadband Internet Business Solutions Resources
TCP-IP and IPX routing tutorial
TelecomWriting.comPacket switching-circuit switching article
Telephone Number Mapping (enum) Charter
The ENUM World Reference page
The Inet-Access Frequently Asked Questions List
The Source for Java(TM) Technology, building web services
The trouble with trunking
The Truth About Mobile and Wireless Computing, commercial
Token Ring technology
token-ring FAQ
Towards Extensional Goals in Authentication Protocols
transport layer support for highly available nework services
Transport-Layer QoS standards improve wireless messaging services
Trunking Communiations Overview
Trunking System technical description
uthentication protocols
Video Compression A Codec Primer
Video Compression Methods (Codecs)
virtual LAN
Web devekopment servers
Web Protocols
white papers about atm technology
wireless evolution
Wireless Local Area Networks, faq
Wireless Local Loops Theory and Applications - wireless software for cell phones and mobile computers. commercial
Writing Applets
X.25 Packet Switching tutorial
X.25 Protocol


81180 Operating Systems Concurrency
Art & Logic - Device Management Framework
BEA WebLogic Server Documentation Center
BEA WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions
Brad's MacMinix Page
comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ
concurrent processes and programming
deadlock and starvation
Espy.ORG Apple Flavored Unix
HP-UX Frequently Asked Questions
IBM WebSphere Application Server FAQ's
Introduction to Operating Systems, from Linux
memory management
mutual exclusion, dining philosophers problem
mutual exclusion, synchronization and IPC problems
Open Windows Intro Worksheets for Solaris 2
Operating Systems - Overview
operating systems principles
Operating Systems Techniques
os introduction
os principles
os, darpa, nest project
os, device management, a commercial package
os, fault tolerance bis
os, fault tolerance
os, How to write a shell script
os, Process Description and Control
os, queing analysis
os, real tiem and embedded systems
OSRC The Operating System Resource Center
premptive scheduling
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions
Red Hat Linux Frequently Asked Questions
Review of Operating Systems
Salsa - An Operating Systems Tutorial
Solaris 2 FAQ
Solaris 9 Operating Environment Technical FAQs
Solaris 9 Operating Environment
Solaris Quick Reference
The Memory Management Glossary
Web Server intrusion prevention protects OS and applications
Weblogic Server
Windows 2000 Home Page
Write Your Own Operating System faq


AAA Math. algorithms for all ages
About Problem Solving
Algorithms and Ice Cream for All, interesting algorith intro
andrew cooke an introduction to programming languages
Attachment Questionnaires, algorithm strategies
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
event driven progr using macros
Event Handling
Event Propagation Concepts, in XUL
How to Design Programs, htdp for teachers
Introduction to Data Structures
Introduction to programming 1, in Matlab 1
Introduction to programming in mod_perl
Introduction to Programming with Java 3D, from SUN
Introduction to Programming, general overview, excellent
Introduction to Programming, lycos, webmonkey
Introduction to Programming,rather old but still nice
Learning from Highly Structured Data by Decomposition (ResearchIndex)
Logic, 8, recursion theory
LUV talk An introduction to Linux-Unix programming
Messages and Event-Driven Programming
Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming - Data Structures and Algorithms by John Morris
partitioning and divide and conquer strategies
recursion and math induction
Recursive Backtracking
Secondary Education Resources-Math Problem-solving
simple I-O, java
Simple I-O
The KnotPlot Site, amazing math knots
Tree and Graph Structured Decomposition


abstract syntax trees, parsing
abstraction mechanisms in computer art
abstraction mechanisms, with agents
Cetus Links18,193 Links on Objects and Components, full directory and Tutorial
Citations Denition of programming language semantics using grammars for hierarchical graphs - Pratt (ResearchIndex)
computer language translation, online full tutorial
concrete and abstract syntax
Contextualization An Abstraction Mechanism for Information Modeling - Theodorakis (ResearchIndex)
debugging techniques, for java
debugging techniques, for linux
debugging, applied to C
declaration and types
Expressive Type Systems for Logic Programming Languages (ResearchIndex)
FAQ for comp.lang.functional
FPLE Functional Programming Languages in Education
garbage collection faq
High Performance Virtual Machines
Informal Semantics
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
List of Java virtual machines, Java development kits and Java runtime environments
Machine Translation Introduction
MainFrame The Lambda-calculus, Combinatory Logic, and Type Systems
Natural Language Machine Translation
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
overview of and more
Programming languages
PVM Parallel Virtual Machine
Semantics Research at Kansas State University
Sniffing For Browsers, Virtual Machines, and Operating Systems
spoken language translation multilingual
symbol table management
Syntax-directed Translation
The Fox Project - Programming Language Design
The Natural Language Translation Specialist Group, part of the British Computer Society Suppliers of Machnie Translation Softw
The Role of Programming Language Semantics
Translation and Interpretation, intro
Tutorial Papers in Functional Programming
type systems. from MS
Ulf's Home-Page of Programming Language Design


Adding Windows
An International Collaboration to Develop a Standard on Software Process Assessment
API Programming Series #1, commercial
API Programming Series #2, commercial
Application Of Patterns To Real-Time Object-Oriented Software Design - Ross (ResearchIndex)
Applications, Programming Models and Environments (APME) Area
Assertions and contract enforcement in practice, from UK
Automated and Manual Software Testing Tools and Services, commercial
Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist, directory. commercial
BSM, business system modernization, Replacing Legacy Systems, mil USA
case integration, tool integration mechanisms
Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software, from India
Client-Server concept, commercial, linked to N-tier, distributed computation, componet based omputing
component based computing, mobile
component based invisible computer
component based software engineering
component level design
component level software design
Component-based Adaptation for Mobile Computing
Component-Based Software with Java Beans and ActiveX
Concurrent Systems, intro and directory
Configuration Management Tools Summary
Debugging Applications
debugging for adaptive computing systems
Development Tools in Component-Based Structural Computing Environments
Directory of Project Management and Software
DOORS, Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems, from Carleton university Canada
Embedded and Real-Time Systems, from Zurich
event composition in distributed system
Extreme programming
formal specification and design
Formal Specification Languages in Knowledge and Software Engineering - Fensel (ResearchIndex)
formal verification of software, from sweden and france
Functional vs. Non-Functional Requirements
General Principles of Software Validation; Final Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff
Generation of Interactive Programming Environments (GIPE II)
Ghostscript API programming examples
GSS-API Programming Guide, from Sun
High Integrity Systems Development, commercial
High Integrity, directory
HISSA, high integrity software systems assurance
IBM Software Support, maintenance, commercial
Importance of Software Prototyping, mil, USA navy
In-process metrics for software testing, ibm white paper
Internet2 Middleware
Java Programming FAQs and Tutorials Learning Java
Legacy Systems Heritage or Headache
Levels of Integration, commercial
Message-Oriented Middleware
middleware and COBRA, see brokering and marshalling
middleware definition and scope
Middleware Initiative, from NSF
middleware technology
middleware, AI and Workflow
Middleware, object brokers
Miscellaneous Programming Environments
Model Problems in Software Architecture
Models of Software Evolution Life Cycle and Process
NSF Middleware Initiative
Object-Oriented Software Design and Construction with Java
OO Modeling for Requirements Analysis, user questions and answers
Orthogonal Defect Classification, from IBM
Overview of Distributed Object Computing and CORBA
Parallel Systems - Introduction Parallelism Issues
parallel systems, directory
process assesment through metric models
Process Life Cycle Engineering
programming by example, visual generalization, api
project and software metrics, ppt nice
Project management scheduling software
Project management software, bug tracking, time timesheet, customer service, document file sharing, calendar, gantt chart
Project Scheduling Software, commercial
Rapid Software Prototyping
REAL TIME SYSTEMS, leading case studies, from Oak Ridge Lab, USA gov
Real-Time Operating Systems
Requirements Elicitation, requirements engineering
reuse software, building new soft with used blocks
Reverse engineering, legacy code and software maintenance - related sites
Software Architecture and the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Initiative
Software Architecture Sites
software defect measures
Software Design for Reliability and Reuse
software design fundamentals, ppt presentation
Software Design Fundamentals
Software Design Pattern
Software Engineering Readings
Software Evolution, from Durham university UK
Software Fault Tolerance A Tutorial (ResearchIndex), go up and down, review PDF
software fault tolerance and redundancy
Software Formal Methods
Software Project Management, Glamorgan university UK
Software ReliabilityReliability Tools and Models, mil USA gov, review and comment its links
software requirements engineer, ppt, see functional versus non functional requirements
Software Requirements Specification Document Template (14-Mar-1996)
Software Testing FAQs
Software Testing Online Resources
Software Testing
software.testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
struucture software design, demo ppt
Survey of glass and black box testing techniques
SV&V, soft verification and validation
Testing Object-Oriented Software
The JMS API Programming Model, from Java Sun
The PVM System, review Linda system as well
The resource for software reengineering, maintenance, evolution, reuse, reverse engineering and tools
Verification and Validation, commercial
Web programming environments Towards a Virtual API
Web system for structured software design, user manual
web-based systems coordinating with documents in the XML spaces
What is Object-Oriented Software An Introduction
White-Box Testing
WIndows API Tutorials


Against Intellectual Property, see the other face of this worldwide controversy
All About The Internet Code of Conduct
All About The Internet, isoc
America's Job Bank - job search engine - Jobs
An Investigation of Therac-25 Accidents - I, a software liability case
Beyond the Physical - Science and Occultism
Business Software Alliance, antipiracy
C Y B E R C R I M E - The smarter way to find a better job.
Census Bureau Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Homepage
Codes of Conduct-Practice-Ethics from Around the World
codes of ethic, utilitarianism and deontological considerations
Codes of Practice-Conduct-Ethics, world
collaborative design
Community Values, usa cosmovision in a computarized world
competition and innovation, the Microsft case
Complexity Management, commercial
Computer Hardware Tutorials, Free Online Training, Resources and Guides, commercial
Computers in Developing Countries
Connect-World, ict in the multilateral trade system
consumer internet access, western europe thorough 2006
Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets
cyber legislation
Cyberpunks and Hackers
Cycles for Sciences, from Yale, Is scientific computing an individual activity or a community focus
Cyclomatic Complexity
Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
Discussion of science and Christianity, ethics, apologetics, creation and evolution, the bible and science
Diversity in the World Village, tiny paper, anonimmous
e-business and learning i networks, from IBM
EFF Blue Ribbon Campaign Home Page, free expresion
Efforts to Ban Encryption
EPIC Archive - Cryptography Policy
EPIC Carnivore FOIA Litigation, a privacy milestone
Essays on the Social Implications of Computing, rather old but fine collection
Ethics - Ethics of scientific knowledge and technology
etnography of information systems
Free Software Advocacy and Politics
Gender-Technology Paper
GREAT - Computers and Technology Differences In Gender, from Stanford univesity
GREEN MACHINES, cmputers and ecology
hacking for fun and profit
Howstuffworks Computers!
In the Hall of Maat, science and philosophy lecture
interconnection as the key to the network of networks, anti monopoly
international labor resources, red monster acces, from Spain
Internet Europe Hacktivism, Cyberterrorism Or Online Democracy
IWS Cybercrime & Economic Espionage
IWS Terrorism Chapter Conventional, NBC & Cyberterrorism
JILT Laws, PETs and Other Technologies for Privacy Protection
Job Search - Technical
labor resources for usa
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science
moral and social issues in business
Netiquette, the Ethic of Internet
Network Computing Feature Security Risk-Assessment Strategies, commercial
Network Computing Tech Library Risk Management, list of references, commercial
network learning in higher education
Network Overview, World Internet Traffic Report
Pioneers of Computing
Privacy Protection in the Virtual Society
Professionalism in Computing
Responsibilities in the K-12 Environment, how the cyber impact our sons
Safety Critical Systems
Security Encryption Encryption crackers
Social Informatics Home Page
social issues, from Kansas university
Some Reflections on Access Equity - Some Limitations of Linguistic Reform - The Research Center on Computing & Society
Some tips for avoiding computer viruses
Speaking the Language of E-Internationalization
technology trends implicatios for telecom regulation
TIA Systems
transnational higher education
Truth About Computer Virus Myths & Hoaxes, commercial
underground, CNN In-Depth Specials - Hackers
underground, Hackers.Com Information Insemination
underground, How To Become A Hacker
undergroung, Barry Warsaw's Home Page
Viruses, worms, trojan horses and zombies, commercial
Walkup Computing Limitations
war games, cyber crime
What are computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
What are stealth, polymorphic, and armored viruses
Wired Collections Hacking & Warez, a collection af relaetd articles


10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Home Page
3Com Web Site - Select Country
About ERIC-IT Clearinghouse
About the Math Forum
ACM Association for Computing Machinery, the world's first educational and scientific computing society.
ACM Special Interest Groups
Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
AIP Physics Success Stories Home Page
All Conferences . Net
American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American National Standards Institute
American Society for Cybernetics - Index Home
bbc portal, general resources
Bernie Cohen, Department of Computing - Home Page
Biblio Tech Review, biblio Portal
Bienvenido al Boletín Oficial del Estado
Biometric Consortium
Broadband Internet High Speed Connectivity
Business Software Alliance, Promoting A Safe & Legal Online World
CACR Home Page - Center for Advanced Computing Research
Census Bureau Home Page
Center for Computational Materials Science
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
CERN - Public home
CERN IT Division
CERT Coordination Center
CiteSeer The NEC Research Institute Scientific Literature Digital Library
CogNet Home
Committee T1-Telecommunications; Standards
Community Learning Network
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Home Page, see its IT section
Digital System Tutorial Home Page
eBiquity.ORG An Online Community for Pervasive Computing Enthusiasts
EFF Homepage
Electronic Literature Organization homepage
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Electronic Visualization Laboratory at University of Illinois at Chicago
ERCIM, The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
Federal Trade Commission Home Page
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Foresight Institute
FreeNetworks.ORG Community Networks
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Graph Theory White Pages Svante Janson
Graphic Organizer graphic organizers concept maps visual tools inspiration software
Home - The MIT Press
IAI International Association for Identification
ibiblio - Activism at Home
IBM Research
ICANN Home Page - Get ICQ instant messenger, chat, people search and messaging service!
IEC Online Education
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Neural Networks Society Home Page
IETF Home Page
IFLANET, International Federation of Library Associations
Imprint Academic
INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Information about Emerging Technologies
Information Visualization at PNNL
INRIA - Site web de l'INRIA
Institute of Neuroinformatics
Intel Corporation - Welcome to
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Internet Archive, human knowledge
Internet FAQ Consortium
Internet Public Library
Internet Society (ISOC)
Internet2 - Home
InterNIC The Internet's Network Information Center
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ITpapers - White Paper Search
ITPRC - The Information Technology Professional's Resource Center
ITtoolbox Knowledge Base
ITtoolbox Oracle Knowledge Base
IWS - The Information Warfare Site
J.D. Edwards Software for Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Learning Circuits -- ASTD's Online Magazine All About E-Learning ....research and innovation for a more literate world.
Ludwig von Bertalanffy (1901--1972)
Macromedia. commercial
Mappa.Mundi Signals = Developer Hub
Matrix Science
Menu - MIT Computer Graphics Group - LCS
Microsoft Research Home
MIT AI Lab Research Projects
MIT Media Laboratory
Mitre Corp
Mobile Robots Teach Machine-Level Programming
Most cited authors in Computer Science [CiteSeer; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
Motorola, Inc.
National Academies Press
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Nanotechnology Initiative
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NCSA Archive Demo
Network Computing Tech Library NetworkComputing Tech Library, commercial
NeuroProsthesis Research Organization, neuroengineering, human brain - computer interaction, cyborgs, androids, humanoids, brai
NHSE National HPCC Software Exchange
NIST ITL home page
NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLANR-DAST NLANR Distributed Applications Support Team
NSF Middleware Initiative
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge ORNL science technology transfer research development energy biology environment mater
Object Management Group
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated
OMA. mobile alliance
Ootips - Object Orientation Tips
Oracle Corporation
Oracle Technology Network
OSRC The Operating System Resource Center
PeopleSoft creates the real-time enterprise.
Public Interest Registry
Research Institute in Software Evolution
Richard Stallman's Personal Page
Sandia National Laboratories
SANS Institute - About the SANS Institute
SCI 2003 - Home Page
Siebel Systems - Home
siepr3, from Stanford Economic Research
Smart Card Alliance
Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Home Page
SQL.ORG - Your Portal to SQL Resources on the Web
Sun Microsystems
SYSPRO - ERP, CRM, APS, WMS, & E-Commerce Software
Systems Analysis Interesting Web Sites List, an authority by itself concerning systems amnalysis
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
The Association of C & C++ Users
The Association of Lisp Users
The Buckminster Fuller Institute
The Complexity and Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems
The Electronic Community, from Africa
The Hacker's Defense Foundation
The Harvard College Library Website - Welcome
The Library of Congress
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
The Memory Management Glossary
The MITRE Corporation -- Working with the Department of Defense, FAA and IRS
The Online Guide to Traditional Games
The Project Management Institute (Home Page)
The Source for Java(TM) Technology
The Virtual Museum of Computing
U.S. DOE-CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) Website
U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
UNESCO e-learning Portal
UNESCO home page - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UniForum Chicago
United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab
User Interface Design and Development
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Web for Teachers Home - Free online tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Resources
Welcome to TECFA
Welcome to The CNA Corporation
Welcome to the International Telecommunication Union
Welcome! - The Apache Software Foundation
What is the Origin of Data MiningThe EDGE Newsletter, August 2000, personal, to contact Mitre for HKM's
World Wide Web Consortium
ZDNet Home Page


ar, Algoritmos de Ordenamiento
ar, Asociación Civil  CIENCIA HOY
ar, Bases de datos del Boletín Oficial del Estado (Internet y CDROM)
ar, Curso de Programación de Modelos de Simulación en Smalltalk
ar, e-learning, El sitio de los estudiantes y docentes universitarios.
ar,, un proyecto educativo integral
ar, Historia de Internet - Arpa, Arpanet, Internet
ar, Modelos de simulacion ganadera
ar, Portal Carlos H. von der Becke, Artificial Intelligence
ar, Preguntas frecuentes e-business y e-commerce
ar, red UBANET de cursos a distancia
ar, RETINA Pagina inicial
ar, underground, Informatica para Todos
Bienvenido a la Real Academia Española
br, Bibioteca Virtual de Salud Latinoamericana
br, Búsqueda en bases de datos
br, E n t e n d e r   I n t e r n e t
cl. Redes Semánticas, intro
co, algunos modelos matematicos, confiabilidad
cr, modelo de simulacion para la toma de decisiones
es, agora algorithms for electrical networks control
es, ASP a fondo
es, Bases de Datos de América Latina
es, Bio-Cibernética Quántica Holográmica
es, breakthrough thinking
es, Búsqueda en Google
es, C++ Con Clase
es, Comercio Electrónico Global, Centro de Informacion Pymes
es, computing world overview
es, criptography and its algorithms overview
es, Curso de programación avanzada en C++
es, Cátedra Unesco de Educación a Distancia. CUED, e-learning
es, Delitos Informaticos -- E-Commerce
es, Desarrollo web
es, e-learning, Bienvenido a la UNED
es, El Rincón del Vago
es, en valenciano, Història dels Models Globals
es, Esquemas de redes semánticas
es, GAIA Artificial Life - Genetic Algorithms - Learning Machine
es, Genetic Algorithms' Skeleton (1st version)
es, HTML en castellano, tutorials varios
es, Java en castellano
es, Lingüística Computacional
es, miradorVR, España en Realidad Virtual
es, modelos matematicos de optimizacion
es, modelos matematicos y el zoom de la camara
es, nomenclador de ciencoa y tecnologia de la UNESCO
es, PHP a fondo
es, Programacion castellano html php asp java perl cgi foros gratis
es, RedIRIS - Red española de I+D
es, Shareware Hispano
es, Sitio de Programación en Visual Basic
es, Telecommunications online, universidad de Cataluna
es, Tesauros
es, The Hacker World
es, The Web in Spain, full resource listing
es, Tu Comunidad Virtual Lycos Europe - Página Web Gratuita - Explora las Páginas de USuarios
es, Una Investigación sobre Interfaces Actuales de Realidad Virtual
es, virtual reality basics, Cybersitio, lo que tu necesitas!
FECEMD- Federación de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing Directo
labor resources for Spanish English people
Medical Algorithms
mx, curious, Aztec Calendar
mx, Dirección de Educación Continua y a Distancia, e-learning
mx, el comercio electronico en mexico
mx, significado de vida y muerte entre jovenes meiante redes semanticas
mx, underground, Linux Clusters
pe, Curso de Quechua - Red Científica Peruana
pe, Red Científica Peruana - RCP
us, e-learning, HITN
us, Educación Superior en América Latina - LANIC - Español, e-learning
us, Emoticones de
us, Guía de Diccionarios Enciclopedias y Traductores
us, Guía sobre El Mercado Laboral en Internet
us, - La web de empleo líder en el mundo
us, Produccion de TV hasta realidad virtual
us, Programas Gratis
us, Realidad Virtual en el Salón de Clases Un primer intento y las actividades de seguimiento
us, Tutorial de E-Business E-Commerce
us, underground, Jóvenes Underground de Latinoamérica - Español
us, underground,jóvenes Underground de Latinoamérica - Español, hackers jargon
us, Yahoo! Educación y formaciónEducación a distancia, directorio
uy, modelos de simulacion de microdatos
ve, Cibernética, a monography
ve, conceptos basicos de modelos y simulacion
ve, La Telaraña de Babel, reflexiones sobre el futuro informatico
ve, Proyecto GAIA Caso nezuela Modelos de Simulación en el Área Ambiental


A hypertext tool
A Visual Thesaurus
alphaWorks Mapuccino
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Information Space Maps
An Atlas of Cyberspaces- ISP Backbone Maps
Charting the Linux Anatomy
chat rooms visualization
City of News, matrix
city of news
Conceptual Map of Net Spaces
content mapping
conversational maps
Data Visualization Software
depicting Google search process
GUI to visualize databases
HistoryWired A few of our favorite things into a map
huge data volume visualization.
Infomaps, from intag
Internet Industry Map
Internet Mapping Project
Internet traffic mapping
kartoo, search engines answers mapped
Lighthouse, an approach to compare search engines queries visually
M4 Intelligent Maps
Mapping A Virtual City - Mappa.Mundi Magazine - Map of the Month
mapping integration of people, information and process
mapping of large networks
mapping the evolution of web ecologies
mapping the Internet efficiency
mapping users social patterns
MapQuest Maps Address
Maps to Market Your Network - Mappa.Mundi Magazine - Map of the Month
market maps
mpping the people interconnectvity frequence
MSR Netscan, tree and map tools from Microsoft
personal contacts maps
Personalized Information Maps
some visulization techniques and maps, commercial
spamming how to map it
Taxonomy of Communications
Techniques for natural interaction in multi-user CAVE-like environments
The Dive Home Page
The Map of the Market
The Order of Things Activity-Centred Information Access
visual gnutella filesharing
visual layer analysis of huge set of data
Visualizing Internet Topology at a Macroscopic Scale
web browser and navigator tools
web maps technology
web metrics
web site maps from dynamic diagrams
web tracer
web tracing maps
webspace as stars visualization maps
Welcome to Cyber-Geography Research
What is GIS
WWW'95 HyperSpace


AI from TAU - Useful Links, history, phylosphy
All About The Internet
Bible Knowledge Accelerator Free Bible History Software About The Ancient Biblical World.
Computers and the Internet bibliographies
Cryptography History
Cyberspace and the Dream of Tielhard de Chardin
Historical Metadata Tools
history of databases systems
History of Information Management, Information Science, diretory
Hypertext & Hypermedia Definition, some history
Information Theory, history
Intellectual property rights
Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet History of the Internet
Philosphere Publishers - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS!, brute force versus thinking
Teilhard De Chardin - The Human Phenomenon Digital Wireless Basics Mobile Phone History Page One Telephone History by Tom Farley, Page 1, Pre-history to 1830
The History of Artificial Intelligence
The Library of Congress
The Virtual Museum of Computing
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems


advanced computers applications in medicine
Advice on 2D CAD software for engineering and architectural applications, commercial from England
aerospace and defense applications, commercial
Applications Biotechnology Ecology Software
Architectural & Design Software - Civil, Structural & Architectural Applications, commercial
b2b Glossary of Terms
B2B resources, open directory
Becta Educational Software Database -- Becta Educational Software Database (BESD)
Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History, history application, commercial but open
Bioinformatics, biological applications
BS&S E-Learning, from Cisco - The Internet Resource for Engineering Professionals
Civil Engineering (ICE), resources
Click2learn, e-learning, commercial
Closed and open economy models of business cycles with marked-up and sticky prices
comp.cad.autocad FAQ
Computer Applications in Archaeology
Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering
Computer Applications in Clinical Practice and Research
Computer Applications in Medicine & Psychiatry
Computers Software Business E-Commerce, from Google
Computers Software Shareware
cpr, an intelligent clinical technology
Credit Card Processing 101 - A Brief Tutorial
Defense advanced applications, from HP
defense and military applications, from Sandia USA
defense and security applications directory, Israel
Digital Cinema Applications, from Microsoft
digital cinema software, from nist USA
E-Business Suite, integrated management for oracle
e-commerce solutions, from microsoft and associates
e-commerce, open directory
e-health for kids
Earth Sciences Software Docs
Earth Sciences Software, Lausanne
Ecology WWW Page
Educational Software Cooperative
educational sport applications, commercial
Electronic Literature and Applications Directory, commercial
Electronic Money, or E-Money, and Digital Cash
electronic payment and payment mechanisms
elit, e-literature applications
Engineering applications Software, commercial
engineering applications, web geotechnical
Environmental Software, commercial
esm, enterprise pend management
Fractal Robot Agricultural Applications
Free Software for Atomic and Plasma Physics
Geophysics Software
GIS for physical geography, UK, ppt presentation
GIS Frequently Asked Questions and General Info List Index
How IBM Conquered the E-Commerce Software Market, commercial
Hydrologic Engineering Center's HomePage
IDEAS, ecomomic applications database
integrated solutions, commercil from UK
medical informatics
Microsoft TV software, from Microsoft, commercial, you need passport
Military Aircraft Database - Software CAD Software Directory
Multi-tier Architectures
Music Instruction Software Mucky Free music software, shareware, sheet music, teaching links
Music Software - Shareware Music Machine, commercial
National Geographic GeoSpy Geography Game (For Kids)
Netscape - Riding The Net Economy, commercial
NIST Scientific and Technical Databases - Mathematical Databases
OAUG Oracle Applications Users Group
Office of Educational Technology, e-learning USA
open experimental platform, automotive industry world
Oracle Knowledge Base, manufacturing
papers on applied economy, from deferal reserve bank US
physics academic sites, commercial
Physics Education and Teaching Software. Visual Basic Computer Programs for Physics Lecture and Study, commercial
Physics Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics Software
physics software links
Resources on Legal Software Applications - NetTech, Inc.
SAP - Solutions Home, e-business, integrated systems
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
Secure USA Turnkey Counter Terrorist Perimeter Vehicular Intrusion Security Solutions
SIPRI projects
Some Free Public Health Software
Sports Software Freeware
sports software list, commercial
T3-technology and telecommunications for teachers
The Cryptography Project
The E-Book Directory, commercial
TV Meets the Web, commercial
tv software and applications index, from Linux
UNESCO e-learning Portal
websphere. ibm, for e-commerce
Welcome to Steinberg, music software, commercial
WILDLIFE SOFTWARE FOR FREE, applying xml and Webstandards in industry
Xpedition Hall - Xpeditions @


68hc11 microcontroller FAQ
A-UX FAQ Index
ACEDB Genome Database Software FAQ
ACM 2001 Curricula, Body of Knowledge
ACM Association for Computing Machinery, the world's first educational and scientific computing society.
AFS distributed filesystem FAQ
AI FAQ Index, artificial intelligence
Algorithms and Ice Cream for All, algorithmic systems approach
alt.cyberpunk Frequently Asked Questions list, K_society
alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ v0.85a
Amiga Index, faq
APL language FAQ
Apple2 Index, faq
Assembly Language Index, faq
Atari 8 Bit Index, faq
AVG Anti-Virus, free
biological computers
Brief Glossary of mainframe, midrange, and thin client terms
C FAQ Index, faq
C++ FAQ Index, faq
CAD Index, faq
Center for Computational Materials Science
CERN IT Division, IT Portal
CERT-CC Computer Virus Resources
Cetus Links18,193 Links on Objects and Components, authority and HUB
CIAC Virus Database
CiteSeer The NEC Research Institute Scientific Literature Digital Library
Commodore Index,faq
Comp Groupware FAQ Index
Comp Os Index, faq
Comp Speech FAQ Index
comp.arch.bus.vmebus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
comp.emulators.misc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [1-3]
comp.lang.functional Frequently Asked Questions (monthly posting)
Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting]
Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.9 (04-02) Announcement, faq
comp.os.cpm Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
comp.programming.literate FAQ
comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information, faq
comp.sources.testers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
comp.specification.z Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ v1.27 1 - 16 1-1
comp.text Frequently Asked Questions
Comp.Theory FAQ, from a professor point of view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Compilers Index, faq
Compression FAQ Index
Computer Associates Virus Information Center
Computer faqs
Computer Groups Index, faq
Computer hardware manufacturers and drivers links directory, commercial
Computer Lang Index, faq
computer performance evaluation
Computer Security Index, faq
Computer training online Hardware, hub to tutorials
Computer Virus Index, faq
Computing Guides,
Computing, algorithms, software, etc
Computing.Net, basic support, faqs, business
Cryptography FAQ Index
data representation and coding
Databases Index, faq
Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer
DCE Index, faq
DEC FAQ Index, PDP faq
Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) FAQ v20010108, datacomm, faq
Distributed Systems Node Zero, all over the world multilingual
Emacs implementations, list of, regular post [long, FAQ]
EyeWire Magazine Features Color
FAQ BETA Programming Language (version 1.11 - 08 Dec 97), faq
FAQ Comp.lang.verilog Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)
FAQ for g++ and libg++, plain text version [Revised 15 Jun 1998],faq
FAQ Sun Computer Administration Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs Index, faqs about faqs
Fax FAQ Index
File Compression and Decompression
Fine Art and Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
Firewalls FAQ
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Fortran FAQ
Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, faq
Fractal Genomics - The Technology
Free Internet marketing resources, ecommerce web site development strategies, design tutorials, services and online solutions c
freeWAIS-sf Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] with answers
FSP FAQ Index, file service protocols
FTP List Index, faq
Fuzzy Logic Index, faq
Gambling FAQ Index
GameFAQs, directory
Games Index, faq
GNU Emacs FAQ Index, faq
Gnus (Emacs Newsreader) FAQ
Graphics Index, faq
Hand Tools - Calculators
hashed files
help for general beginners
Help2Go Listing of Computer Guides The Basics
How to find sources (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING). faq
Howstuffworks Computers!
HP Index, faq, K_edu
Icon Programming Language FAQ
Information Visualization at PNNL
Interleaf FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions for comp.text.interleaf
Internet Access Index, faq
Internet Index, faq
Internet Services Index, faq
Internet2 Middleware
Introduction to Programming
IRC Index, faq
JPEG FAQ Index, faq
Kerberos FAQ Index
Keywords vs Subject Headings
Language Index, faq
LANs Index, faq
LEGO frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Linux Index, faq
Linux on Laptops
Lisp FAQ Index
LSI Cad FAQ Index
Lycos Help & How-To, nice guide for beginners
M Technology FAQ Index
Macintosh Index, faq
Mail Index, faq
Mailpaths Index, faq
Mapping how people use a website
Mechanical Calculators, vintage museum
Medical Informatics FAQ
Mensa Index, faq
Message Passing Interface (MPI) FAQ
Minix Information Sheet (Last Changed 14 June 1995, faq)
models, algorthoms and informatics, Lo Alamos Lab
Modems Index, faq
Modula-3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Motorola Index, faq
MS DOS Archives Index, faq
MS DOS Mail News Index, faq
MS DOS Programmer FAQ Index
multilingual computing
Multimedia Index, faq
Natural Language Processing FAQ
net centric products
Net Community Index, faq
Netware Index, faq
Network Computers Index, faq
Network Computing, Your Online Technology Resource Center, part of TechWeb, business
News Answers Index, faq
NSF - Computer, Information Sciences, a w3 classic classic
Online Providers Index, faq - The Object Oriented Programming Web - Programming Tutorials, Lecture Notes, Courses, References, Guides...
OPEN LOOK GUI FAQ 01-04 General
OS Research Index, faq
OS-2 FAQ Index
OSRC The Operating System Resource Center
pal newton faq
Palmtops Index, faq
Palmtops-newton-FAQ Index
Palmtops-PDA, from
Parallel Algorithms Project Home Page
Pascal Index, faq
PC Hardware FAQ Index
PC Soundcards Index, faq
PC911 - Friendly Computer Help In Plain English, how_to guides
Perl FAQ Index
ph (cso nameserver) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Physical Database Design
Picons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Portable GUI Software Index, faq
PostScript monthly FAQ v2.4 07-18-95 [01-04 of 11]
Privacy Index. faq
Programming languages
Prolog Index, faq
Python FAQ Index
Realtime Computing Index, faq
Rec Video Index, faq
rn KILL file FAQ
Robotics FAQ Index
Satellite TV Index, faq
Scheme FAQ Index
sci.lang FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Scientific Data Format Information FAQ
SCO FTP sites FAQ (95-12-03)
Scsi FAQ Index
Secondary Education Resources-Math Problem-solving, hub for problem solving
Seti Index, faq
SGI Index, faq
Shareware FAQ Index
Signature, Finger, & Customized Headers FAQ
Smalltalk FAQ (v.1.0)
Smalltalk Index, faq
Soft Sys Index, ptolomy faq
Software Eng Index, faq
Solaris2 Index, faq
Spreadsheets Index, faq
storage and physical file structures
Strings vs Atoms
Sw Config Mgmt Index,faq
Tcl FAQ Index
Team OS-2 Frequently Asked Questions
TeX, LaTeX, etc. Frequently Asked Questions with Answers [Monthly]
The ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest Web Site sponsored by IBM, K_education
The ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest Web Site sponsored by IBM
The Memory Management Glossary
The NeXT-FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
The Virtual Museum of Computing, K_edu
Threads FAQ Index
Translation and Interpretation
Turing Machine -- from MathWorld
UI Builders Index, faq
UK Telecom Index, faq
underground, a subjective faq
underground, Computer Underground Digest Archives
underground, digest
underground, Warez
Unix FAQ Index
unsderground, Hacking Lexicon
US Govt Net Pointers Index, faq
Usenet FAQs By Category, digital signal processing faq
Usenet FAQs By Category, generall, all major subjects
Usenet Index, faq
Usenet Oracle Index. faq
User Feedback
UUCP Internals Frequently Asked Questions
Virtual Worlds Index, faq
viruses directory
viruses, from Symantec
Visual Basic FAQ Index
Visual Lang Index, faq
Von Neumann and Automata Theory
VxWorks FAQ Index
Windows Emulation Index, faq
Windows Index, faq
Windows Nt Index, faq
Wireless Cable TV FAQ
word based text compression
WWW Index, faq
X FAQ Index, faq
X on Intel-based Unix Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Xanadu World Publishing Repository Frequently Asked Questions
Yahoo! Computers and Internet Macintosh Mac vs. Windows
ZDNet IT Directory, nearly 30,000 whitepapers
[alt.hypertext] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ list)
[comp.text.sgml] Frequently Asked Questions
[l-m 2-18-94] benchmark source info-Intro -- netiquette (1-28) FAQ


A mathematical theory of communications
Ada The Enchantress of Numbers
Alan Turing
ALEC Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation seminar
ALU Lisp History
Bill Gates Before Microsoft
Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group (CIRG)
cybernetics and human knowing
Dennis Ritchie Home Page
Dijkstra works
Foreword The Birth of HAL, Section 01
Gary Kildall
Grace Murray Hopper Pioneer Computer Scientist
History of Programming Languages
howard rheingold's tools for thought
IBM Research Deep Blue Overview
Information Theory, Bell Labs, Lucent white paper
Instrumentation & Signal Processing, cybernetics approach
Interactive Systems Research, cybernetics approach
Inventor of Eudora
Konrad Zuse Preface
Marvin Minsky Home Page
Monkey controls robotic arm using brain signals sent over Internet
Netizens On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet by Michael Hauben and Ronda Hauben
SPACEWAR - by Stewart Brand - Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums.
The ALGOL Programming Language
The APL Programming Language
The Babbage Pages Homepage
The Children's Machine by Seymour Papert
Tim Berners-Lee
unfinished revolution, Engelbart
W. Ross Ashby
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems


A Gentle Introduction to SQL
Databases Software, compare prices
DB2 Product Family - Family Overview - IBM Software
DB2 System Performance Metrics
dBASE Web Site
dBASE WebRing
DBMS Web Site Index
GNU SQL Server Home Page
introduction to database systems
Introduction to Relational Databases
mapping objects to relational databases
Microsoft ODBC
Microsoft Office - Access Home Page
MS Access FAQ
Object Database vs. Object-Relational Databases
Oracle FAQ Oracle ODBC Connectivity
Oracle faqs
Oracle for System Administrators, 56 slides
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle9 application server
Oracle9i Database
Paradox 9 The Overview
Paradox Database FAQ
Paradox® 10, overview
PHP-MySQL Tutorial
Portal to SQL Resources
SQL Server Home. from Microsoft
sql standards
SQL Tutorial
Visual FoxPro Frequently Asked Questions
Visual FoxPro Home Page


Action Games list
Analogies, IQ Tests, Trivia, Puzzles, commercial
arcade glossary
arts & crafts, William Morris Society
board games history and info
Board Games of the Ancient World, rol playing game variant
board games, Internet Chess Club, commecial
business game directory
card game portal, from
Card Games - Howto plat them
card games faq
Casino and Lottery games downloads
casino I
CBC Sports Online
Champions hero system faq from CNN and Sports Illustrated
Computer Simulation Business Sims - Business Games
Crosswords portal, international
educative toys, commercial
electronic toys, commercial
Entertainment Weekly's
entertainments in Shockwave, 3D
FamilyFun Activities-Crafts
FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
Fisher-Price Portal toys, up tp 5 years
free online games
Gadgets & Gizmos, from UK, com
gambling directory
GameFAQs Arcade
gifts by recipients, toys, commercial
Gizmos & Gadgets to sell, commercial
Gizmos & Gadgets to sell, II, commercial
Interactive Mathematicsand Puzzles, commercial
Internet Archive Moving Image Archive
Internet Family Fun, safe places to go
Kids Games
Learning Resources toys, from
Lego toys Portal
Live Role-Playing Game FAQ
Logic Puzzles, for high score people
Marklin Metal Toys
Matchbox Collectors Community Bookstore, famous toys
movies online I
online chess
Online Crosswords
Outdoor Games list
puzzles games
Recreation and Sports Outdoor Adventure Travel Directory by Adventure Sports Online
Role Playing Games.Net -- Star Wars RPG
Role playing portal
role playing Yahoo directory
rpg net
Science Toys, toys portal, commercial
sega games
sega sports
Space Toys, toys to sell, commercial
sports gambling
Sports Online Games for kids
sports, espn online
Strategy & War games downloads
The Globe and Mail Crossword Puzzles
Trivia Portal, 400,000 plus, commercial
TV Guide Online - [Sports TV]
TV Guide Online - [TV Guide], puzzles
Video Games, directory
war game boxes to sell, commercial
war games, commercial
War Games, from Cyberdungeon
Welcome To MatchBox® Showcase, toys
Words and Wordplay, Yahoo directory
Words and WordPlay


A brief history of wearable computing
automobile industry future, mercedez benz
BBC NEWS Technology Consumers gain voice power, voice recognition
Believing in Biometrics
Biometrics, Facial Recognition Projects DoD Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office
Biometrics, hand recognition
biometrics, iris scan
Biomimicry, from Fuller Institute
bionics intro, commercial
Brain Machine Interfaces
Business 2.0 - Web Guide - Emerging Technologies -e1
cardweb, smart cards, commercial
combinatorial science, chemistry
Computerized Clothing Will Work
Computing Pioneer Challenges the Clock, clockless computing
Cutting Edge Biometrics, eyes ID's
CyberSIGN-Technology Overview, commercial
emerging technologies Weblog, portal-directory
Emerging Trends & Technologies, Gratner Group
Engines of Creation, molecular manotechnology
Face Recognition Home Page, directory
How Holographic Environments Will Work, teleimmersion
Howstuffworks How Bluetooth Works
Howstuffworks How Nanotechnology Will Work
IAI International Association for Identification
Institute of Neuroinformatics
Internet2 Middleware
mems, microelectromechanical systems
Monkey controls robotic arm using brain signals sent over Internet
national automotive industry , 2002 to 2005 strategic plan
National Tele-Immersion Initiative
Network and performance, future
Overview of Watermarks, Fingerprints, and Digital Signatures
PAN, personal area networks applications, commercial
Pervasive Computing, directory
Pervasive Computing, from IBM
Pervasive Computing
Projet Internet 3
sensors and controls
signature pattern recognition
Smart Cards, directory
smart cards
The Wireless FAQ
Top Ten Trends 2003, from red herring
try tele-immersion, 3D, university of Pennsylvania
TSUBASA System - Product - Automobile Business Network
Voice over IP Protocols and Resources
Voip, Voice over IP
W3C Math Home
wap, wireless mobile protocols
Wearable Computing at the MIT Media Lab
what is biomimetics
wireless Internet


3-Tier Architectures
A Glossary for Molecular Information Theory and the Delila System
A Mathematic Theory of Communications, from Shannon
Advanced Process Control, models
aes faq
American Society for Cybernetics - Index
Analog computers
Analog Devices Home, commercial
analog systems converter
analog, digital and mixed circuit analysis
anlog systems simulation
Applications Control Process Control Systems, directory
Basic Computer Crimes Examples of Network Security attacks
Basic Ideas of GST, General Systems Theory
behavioral models to study analog systems
building a better e-business infrastructure n-tier architecture improves scalability, availability and ease of integration
Chaos Theory intro
Comparison of Analog and Digital Communication
Complexity, Artificial Life and Self-Organising Systems Glossary
Control Engineering Virtual Library, directory
Cryptography FAQ 3.1 RSA
Cybernetics and Stochastic Systems
Cybernetics and Systems Theory
Cybernetics, Systems Theory, and Complexity
des faq
Designing Specification Languages for Process Control Systems Lessons Learned and Steps to the Future - Leveson, Heimdahl, Ree
digital signature legislation and laws, eHealth information, commercial overview
Digital Signatures
DSA faq
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems faq
Entropy on the World Wide Web
eolutionary algorithms
Fault detection and diagnosis in process control systems
Forrester Research
games as search problems
GST, applied to family behavior
ict, as from IFIP and Unesco
informatics map for ifip unesco
Information on cryptography
Information Theory, history
Inquiring Between Digital & Analog Media
Mixed-signal Analog and Logic simulation
network security analysis
Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems Theory (Glossary)
Other Cryptographic Techniques
overview of systems thinking
PGP Home
process control systems for bioreaction processes
process control, automation
Process Control, some math background
Review of The Fifth Discipline
Simulation, definitions
sustainable informatics education on secondary level
Systems and Systems Theory, history evolution
Systems Thinking intro
systems, an overview presentation
The Complete Electronics Lab for Windows (circuit simulation, semiconductors)
The Global Brain Group
The History of Evolution
The International PGP Home Page
UNESCO Thesaurus Home Page
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
Welcome to IFIP
What is a world view, cyber cosmovision


a web newsgroups access via Web
Alan Turing
alt.cyberpunk Frequently Asked Questions list, underground
AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service
Anthropology Internet Resources
Anti-Spamming Act
Ask Jeeves -
b2b abc, versus b2c
b2p, auction model
BBC - WebWise - The BBC's beginner's guide to the Internet
Cataloging Internet Resources
Catalogue of Selected Internet Resources - Country Code Domain Name Registration
Centro de Soporte de Internet Explorer
Computer-Assisted Theology Internet Resources
coohies overview
CORE - Welcome to CORE
cyberpunk, underground
E-Mail Spamming countermeasures
Electronic Commerce Curriculum Index
Encyclopædia Britannica
Exploring E-commerce Websites
FAQs - search engine marketing stratgeies, optimisation and placement, commercil tips and tricks
free ftp servers
free handy ebooks Catalog
free telnet programs
ftp guide
FTP intro, old but conceptual
FTP programs
geological resources
global internet access for travelers, commercial
graphic design principles
graphic design resources, Spanish
Historia de Internet - Arpa, Arpanet, Internet
History of the Internet
Homepage HotBot Web Search
How Internet Infrastructure Works - How backbones deliver Internet - How NAPs, PoPs and ISPs delvier Internet
How Search Engines Work
Howstuffworks How Internet Infrastructure Works
ICANN ICANN-Accredited Registrars
icann structure
INFOMINE Scholarly Internet Resources
Internet architecture overview
Internet Domain Registrar and Web Hosting facilitator
Internet in the automobile industry
Internet Navigation Tools
Internet Pioneers
Internet Resources for Children
Internet Resources for Music Scholars
Internet Resources for Political Science
Internet Resources The Alternative Medicine Homepage
Internet Resources, for copyright
Internet Resources, wide spectrum updated monthly
Internet RFC-FYI-STD-BCP Archives
Internet Security Principles
Internet Society (ISOC) All About ISOC Jon Postel
Internet traffic faq
Internet Traffic Flow Size Analysis
Internet2 - Home
Internet2 Middleware
InterNIC FAQs on the Domain Names, Registrars, and Registration
InterNIC The Internet's Network Information Center
Intranet - Extranet Research Center
Intranet Editing Tutorial
La Web del Programador, commercial Portal Spanish
Learning Circles Virtual Communities for Elementary and Secondary Schools
Leonard Kleinrock's Home Page
Lycos Home Page
Matrix Science, Internet statistics
Merriam-Webster OnLine
Mister Poll Types of Websites, commercial
naps and idc's, how Internet works
netiquette basics
Netiquette FAQ
Netiquette Home Page
Netscape Navigator faqs
Network Overview --- Internet Traffic Report
newsgroups and lists directory
Newsgroups, Usenets
Northern Light® Search
observed Internet traffic changes, from HP
ODP - Open Directory Project
PC Telnet FAQ
Portal for newbies, how to begin
Registrar Security FAQ
RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines
telnet principles, rfc435 - Telnet issues
Telnet Server FAQ
The Psychology of Virtual Communities
The Virtual Community online, Rheingold
Tim Berners-Lee
Unclaimed Domains - Free, Unregistered Domain Names and Domain Names and Domain Names and Domain Names!
UNESCO CII - WebWorld, virtual communities
usenet faqs
usenet references
Virtual Communities
virtualcommunities directory, commercial
W3 Search Engines XML
Web Browsers by Rating
Web Browsers OpenFAQ
Web Search Engines FAQS Questions, Answers, and Issues
Web Searching Tips
WebCrawler Index - WebCrawler
Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
webrings faq
Website usage analysys techniques
websites types
Welcome to
Welcome to the DNSO WebSite
World of Webrings
World-Wide Web and CERN
Xanadu FAQ
Yahoo Messenger Smiley List

Business 2.0
BYTE Magazine
CNET - Tech News First
Company Profile - CNET
Computer Magazines - a CompInfo Directory
Computer Magazines, from Prinncenton university
computer science, journals, directory
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (ISSN 1076-027X)
CRN The first with breaking news for builders of technology solutions.
DBMS Magazine
E-Commerce Magazines, directory
eBusiness white papers
es, Marketing y Comercio Electrónico (Covir Estudio, servicios de internet, marketing y comunicacion)
eWeek - The Enterprise Newsweekly
GameSpot for all your PC Game, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube needs.
IEEE Computer Society Publications Center
Information science journals, directory
Internet World
ISPworld Home - Welcome to's collection of Unix news & information.
Linux Gazette Front Page
MIS journals, directory
Network Computing, Your Online Technology Resource Center
New Architect
Programacion castellano html php asp java perl cgi foros gratis
TechRepublic - Real World. Real Time. Real IT.
TechWeb The Business Technology Network
The Directory of Computing Science Journals
Virtual Computer Library
Web Commerce Today, E-Commerce Newsletter and Research Room service ® Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and JavaScript, and More!
Welcome to Apple Macintosh News at MacCentral Online
Wired News
ZDNet Home Page
ZDNet News Page One
ZDNet Reviews
ZDNet Shopper
ZDNet Windows


All About The Internet Standards, protocols
Broadband and Access Products
Cisco IP Telephony Solution - Cisco Systems
client-server architectures
Compute Boards and Platforms, from intel
Computer Telephony Telecom Products, Boards, from intel
Custom Networking
Ethernet Products - NCDC, from intel
Getting Started with VNC
Home networking
IEC Voice over Internet Protocol
Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet History of the Internet
Internet Telephony and IP FAQ's
Internet Telephony introduction, from Siemens
ip telephony FAQ
IP Telephony products introduction, commercial
IP Tutorial Basic Addressing
Java Telephony intro, commercial
London Metropolitan Network
man metropolitan area networks
Modems and Telephony FAQ - CallerID
multimedia processing in communications
Network Security Library
network security
networking administration
Networking and Communications Building Blocks Glossary
Networking and Communications Processors, from intel
networking design components, from intel
networking fro Microsoft
networking meaning
Networking on the Network
networks protocols
Neural Networks What are Neural Networks
nueral networks background
Optical Products and Technologies, Optical Solutions, from intel
Storage Products, Network Storage, from intel
Telecom Support Resources
WorldCom UK About WorldCom Our network IP Maps UK


abstraction mechanisms, software construction
abstraction mechanisms
AGENTS User Manual - Syntax and (Informal) Semantics
Basic MOO Programming Tutorial
Byte Archive, history
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreteers introduction
Compilers - Contents, compilers generators
context free grammar
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++
Denotational Semantics of Computer Programming Languages
Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
History of Programming Languages
informal semantics
inheritance grammar
interpreters and compilers
java virtual machines, server
Lexer and Parser Generators
LISP Tutorial 2 Advanced Functional Programming in LISP
Online CS Modules Programming Languages
Polymorphism - Inheritance by Ian Joyner (13 May 98)
Polymorphism and Inheritance
Procedural Languages
semantics of inheritance
SML '97 Types and Type Checking
Syntactic Analysis - Context-Free Grammars and Parsing
Towards a Mathematical Operational Semantics
tree walking
Tutorial Papers in Functional Programming, hub
types as a set of values
Virtual Machines, Real Time, from SUN, ool sicentific computing


wireless software for cell phones and mobile computers
3d Max
3D Tutorials 3D Studio Max
abandonware software
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier tutorial for beginners
Adobe Premiere Tutorials
Adobe Premiere
AfterEffects Tutorial
An Introduction to the Unix Shell
Anonymous FTP FAQ
Apache for OS-2
Apache Tomcat
API Programming Series #1
api, Application Programming Interface, intro
AppleScript Archive Index
Art Graphic Design Resources - Graphic design tutorials, graphics tips, web design articles, freelance jobs, and other design r
ASP.NET Web The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site Home Page
AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced web statistics (GNU GPL).
Beta testing resources
BetaNews Inside Information, Unreleased Products
bryce faq
Bryce Tutorials
Bryce® 5 - Corel Corporation
C Tutorial
C++ FAQ Index
C++ language tutorial
C++ tutorial for C users
CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
cflowd Traffic Flow Analysis Tool
cgi overview
cgi scripts, tutorials and faqs
Cisco Mobile Wireless Software - Cisco Systems
ColdFusion FAQ
ColdFusion MX
ColdFusion Tutorial
Common Lisp Overview
comp.lang.tcl FAQ
corel draw faq and lessons
corel draw tutorial
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 11
cute ftp
DHTML Bookmark - Dynamic HTML FAQ pages and DHTML Q&A
dhtml scripts
DHTML Tutorial
Director MX, from Macromedia
Directory Computers Software
Dreamweaver FAQ
Dreamweaver Tutorial
Dynamic HTML Resource
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
File Library, general software directory
Flash MX tutorials
Flash Tutorial
Fortran FAQ
Fortran Library
Free Computer IT Training Tutorials
free maya tutorials
Free Software Resource
Freehand Tutorial 1
Freehand Tutorial 2
freware and shareware for Mac's
Front Page FAQ II
Front Page FAQ
FrontPage 2000 Tutorial, for kids
FrontPage 2000 Tutorial
general programs to download
Gif animation & Web design software, from Ulead
html basics
html faqs
HTML Portal
IBM WebSphere Application Server FAQ's
Illustrator Answers
Illustrator Tutorials II
Intro to Tcl and Tk
Introduction to AutoCAD
Introduction to Visual Basic 5.0 Programming
ISAPI and the Web Application Architecture - Sun Solaris server OS
J3 - Fortran Standards
Java Guru FAQ Home Page
JSP Resource Index - JSP tutorials, examples, hosting, code, tags, & beans
jsp, JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology
Jumbo Free & Shareware MP3 files, Games, Screen Savers & Computer Software
Lightwave 3D FAQ
LightWave 3D®
linux software map
Lisp Language
Logo and Language
LOGO Instruction Homepage
mac downloads
Mac OS Easter Eggs
Macromedia - Director FAQ
Macromedia - Dreamweaver MX
Macromedia - Fireworks MX FAQ
Macromedia - Fireworks MX
Macromedia - Flash MX
Macromedia - FreeHand 10
Macromedia Director Online Tutorial
Mathematical Software, from Israel
Mathematics - Statistics, software packages directory
maya design tutorial
maya, graphic design
Microsoft Office - FrontPage Home
Middleware Resource Center
Mobile & Wireless Software -e1
mod_perl Welcome to the mod_perl world
Notes on FORTRAN Programming
Object-Oriented System Development HTML Edition
One-Day Fireworks Tutorial
open source project, salon tech
Paint Shop Pro faq
Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks
Perl FAQ Index
perl for users
Photoshop FAQ
Photoshop overview
PHP FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Manual
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Poser FAQ
poser graphic
Power Point 2000 Tutorial
PowerPoint in the Classroom
programming corner, commercial
Programming in C
Quark Tutorials
QuarkXpress Tutorial
QuarkXPress - RealOne
Research in Natural Language Computing, prolog intro
scripts to download, perl, php and others
shareware Portal
Sharewareand freeware, UK
softwar directory, from Yahoo
software directory
Software Library - OS-2 Software
software library, from Tucows
Stata Corporation -- Statistical Software for Professionals - Research Statistics and Statistical Analysis Directory
T&B - AppleScript Tutorial 1 - Using Scripts
Table of Contents for C++ Intro
Tcl and Tk languages
technical scientific sotware portal
TextPad Downloads
The C++ Virtual Library
The CGI Resource Index
The Flash faq
The ISAPI Developer's Site
The Software Directory Directory
Tomcat FAQ Home Page
Tony's Lightwave 3D Tutorials
Ulead GIF Animator, tutorial
Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions - Table of Contents
UNIX Shell Programming
Unix Shell Scripts
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Unix Tutorial
Usenet software
Visual Basic .NET Home Page
visual basic faqs
Visual Basic Tutorial, for beginners
Visual Basic Tutorials, directory
Visual Basic
Visual Gif Animator Tutorial
W3C HTML Home Page
Web traffic software directory
WebSphere Application Server
Welcome to AJLogo, a Java based Turtle Graphics Logo Language
Welcome to Lemke Software
Welcome! - The Apache HTTP Server Project
windows 2000 faq
windows 2000 guide
Windows 2000 Home Page
windows 2000 server faq
Windows 2000 Server Home
Windows 95, fom Microsoft
Windows Family Home Page
Windows Me, from Microsoft
Windows NT-2000 FAQ
windows utilities
Windows XP (Whistler) FAQ
Windows XP Home Page
WS_FTP File Transfer
XANALYS Common Lisp Language Overview
ZDNet windows guides


A learning content management system
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)
Best of the Web in e-learning, from Forbes
BS&S E-Learning
Consortium for School Networking
Distance learning guidelines
e training labs
e-learning glossary
e-learning industry state of the art
e-Learning, from Sun
Education Distance Learning Colleges and Universities, from Yahoo
Education for an e-World
educational technology research
eLearning Overview
Formal Learning Theory
Free Computer IT Training Tutorials
IBM Learning Services - Training solutions Global Home
Institute of IT Training
Instructional Design Models
Internet and education
KIDLINK Global Networking for Youth through secondary school age
Microsoft Training & Certification
network learning in higher education
Oracle University
Research - E-Learning, from Cambridge
Rich Cases an Intranet framework for interactive case studies
Self-Positive I.T. Training Scheme - SPITTS
Software Engineering Education
Tutorials, E-Learning and Online Training
User Feedback
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


arcade and pinball archive
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Structural Mechanics
Computer Vision projects
Digital Logic Design
Digital Logic
Engineering software links for engineers
Engineering software, civil, hydraulics, mechanics
Land surveying and civil engineering software
MIT AI Lab Research Projects
Motion Analysis and Motor Performance Laboratory
NeuroProsthesis Research Organization, neuroengineering, human brain - computer interaction, cyborgs, androids, humanoids, brai
Robotics - Overview
Video Game Strategies, arcade


A science Portal project from Indiana university
BNL Physics Applications Software (PAS) Group
DIMACS-IAS Workshops 1996-1998 Focus on Discrete Probability
global ilumination, photon tracing
GRAPPA (GRid Access Portal for Physics Applications) Project Page
how physics contributes to pump the Web up
how physics helped to build ict
how physics helped to build telecommunications
Physics Internet Resources
The ATLAS Experiment Homepage
the ATLAS Experiment Movies
visualization, vector fields an flows
[8] What is color quantization


Amazing Applications of Probability and Statistics
AP Statistics On The Web
Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) - Kansas State University Lab for Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Bridges to Math Comprehension
Buffon's Needle problem
Business Statistics, statistical thinking
Decision Science
Introduction to Probability, a 520 pages book online
Markov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox for Matlab
MathPages Probability and Statistics
Permutations and Combinations
Statistics and Simulations, java applets excercises
Statistics tutorial
The Math Forum - Math Library - Probability
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Statistics
Tutorial Index of Terms, most definitions