Distributed Agents to Retrieve Web Intelligence
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Images Bank Prototype
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Images Bank Prototype

Here we present a first Images Bank Prototype built in July 2003 as a complementary application for the Darwin First Computing Map. Images were detected and extracted by agents from a set of approximately 6,000 authorities out of a Computing Virtual Library of nearly 120,000 Websites dealing with IT. It has two features

1. Global Images view by main subject
2. Selected view per type at “thumbnail” style

Take into account that a discipline semantic map (mathematics, art, computing, philosophy, religion, games, etc.) will have in the average 1,000 topics each corresponding to a node of the semantic tree skeleton of the discipline and that within each node there are three basic entities: a) the topic keywords set; b) the topic virtual library (main authorities specifically dealing with it); c) the topic image set.

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